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This Chapstick Size Stache Wax Lets You Groom Your Mustache on The Go

* Premium wax holds firm all day
* Makes mustache styling easier than ever
* Fits right in your pocket for added convenience

Don’t look now, but the next great men’s style statement might be the mustache. They’re popping up everywhere faster than you can say ‘Burt Reynolds is The Bandit.’ Even better, they’re getting waxed up to give gents their own signature style. But, how do all those dudes get a hold on those curly cues? You need a rock solid wax to keep that ‘stache firm and fabulous at all times. That’s why there’s Wild Willies Mustache Wax to Go.

What makes this a must-wear for mustaches? Well, to start it’s made with seven of the most powerful butters, carrier oils, vitamins and essential oils on the market. Together, they hold your mustaches just how you like it—curled up, straightened out, swirled around—pick your poison. Wild Willies freezes that face fuzz in place.

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And, it can do that any place. That’s because it comes in an easy-to-carry chapstick tube. It’s pocket-sized to keep your lip sweater looking prim and proper anytime you like—at the office, in the gym, or standing outside the club looking hip as can be.

Wild Willies uses no chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or colorants, so you can feel good using it. Oh, and one other thing: it’s made in Georgia, the same place The Bandit lived. Coincidence? We think not.


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