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Myro Eco-Friendly Natural Deodorant Really Works, We Promise

Not to be blunt or anything, but my boyfriend and I are sweaty people. We just are. We also work out daily, so when we got a sample of natural deodorants that claimed to be just as effective as other antiperspirants, we were excited to put them to the test.

The brand was Myro, the natural deodorant that comes in a refillable plastic case that cuts down on single-use plastics while offering a convenient and aesthetically-pleasing alternative to your deodorizing needs. We tried the brand for a week and were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

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Photo Courtesy of the Author
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Courtesy of the Author

Myro deodorant is plant-based and comes in refillable pods that you can mix and match with your favorite scents so you always have an aroma to match your mood. They’ve got six different scents all made with natural ingredients including orange and juniper, cucumber and jasmine, and violet leaf and ylang-ylang — just to name a few. Each of them has a hardworking formula designed to last throughout the day, and the brand offers a convenient subscription service for refills so you’ll never run out.

So, does it work?

A lot of people are understandably skeptical of “natural” deodorants, and no one wants to smell bad. After using Myro for a week my verdict is that it does.

I enjoyed the feeling of this deodorant and felt just as dry as I normally do with other antiperspirants with aluminum compounds. I put it on once in the morning and felt like it lasted all day until after my workout and shower in the afternoon. The natural ingredients felt soothing rather than sticky and overall less irritating.

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The deodorant goes on smooth and has a nice scent that’s not too powerful but will cut through whatever B.O you have pretty well. The case is super aesthetically pleasing and takes up just the right amount of space in your bathroom. Setting up the case and refill was easy after we unpacked them from the delivery boxes, and the cap clips on well to hold it in place. Both the case and the refills cost $10 each, which is a fair price to pay for a body odor-killing deodorant that’s good for your body and the environment.

My boyfriend’s experience was slightly different than mine. He also felt like the deodorant worked well, but he reported that it didn’t keep him as dry as antiperspirants with harsher ingredients such as aluminum. He also noticed that if you turn the case upside down, the refill will fall out, so you’ve got to be careful. He did appreciate the natural ingredients and felt like he could apply it as much as he wanted without experiencing any skin irritation or rashes.

Overall, I’m very happy with this deodorant and can’t wait to keep using it going forward. It’s definitely replaced any harsher deodorants I was using before and I’m excited to do my part for the environment and my own body going forward.

Sign up for a subscription or make a one-time purchase and see for yourself the power of these little deodorizing pods.