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Trim Tips: The 7 Best Products for Keeping Your Nails Healthy

* Proper care for finger and toenails is essential
* Many adults suffer from preventable fungus infections or other unsightly nail afflictions
* Products to help you moisturize, trim and buff your way to healthy nails

Your fingernails might not be the first thing a stranger notices about your appearance, but after a firm handshake, you want your nails to make an impression. In fact, both men and women should ensure those ten pearly tips are properly cared for and free from unsightly infections. To do so, proper nail care is imperative. These nine products will help you moisturize, trim and buff your way to beautiful finger and toenails.

1. Etude House Help My Fingernail Pack

Like the rest of your skin, your nails need to be moisturized, too. The Help My Fingernail pack allows you to do just that with one application. Leave the papery finger masks on for a few minutes to allow your nails to soak. When you remove the application, your cuticles will be noticeably softer and your nails will be brighter. This effect lasts for at least a week, although results may vary.

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2. Eurow Moisturizing Gloves

Take moisturizing to the next level. Wear these gloves for a few minutes after applying lotion or ointment to increase the absorption of moisture into your skin. In addition to aiding in your moisture routine, these gloves will prevent the mess extra lotion can cause. They’re also machine washable to allow multiple uses.

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3. ZenToes Gel Toe Caps

Many adults suffer from discomfort in the toenail region. If you’re one of them, consider these ZenToes Gel Toe Caps. The slim design easily slips on your toe and fits beneath shoes in order to cushion missing or ingrown nails. The gel material promotes moisturization and therefore softens tissue to allow healing.


4. Purely Northwest Anti-Fungal Soap

Protect your nails and your skin from unwanted fungal infections with this anti-fungal soap. This body wash is ideal for athletes, gym rats or anyone who engages in physical activity. It’s tough enough to wash away nail fungus and other bacteria, but gentle enough to be used daily. Infused with aloe vera, vitamins A, C and D and sea kelp, this blend will leave your skin and nails feeling soft and healthy.


5. Equinox 5-Piece Cuticle Cleaner Kit

Well-shaped nails are beautiful nails. Look after your nails between mani-pedis with the Equinox International 5-Piece Cuticle Cleaner Kit. The attractive looking set includes five tools for pushing your cuticles and cleaning your nails. Each of the implements is handmade by skilled craftsmen and ideal for taking care of your nails on the go.


6. Fuller Commercial Products Hand and Nail Brush

Keeping your nails clean is essential to their health, and having a good nail brush will help you do just that. This Fuller Commercial Products brush can be used to scrub your fingernails, removing excess dirt both under and on top of your nails. The brush itself is resistant to stains, odors and bacteria, so you know it will keep your nails healthy.

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7. Londontown Kur Restorative Nail Cream

If you’re a manicure maniac, your nails take a real beating. Gels and acrylics, in particular, can cause extensive damage. But this harm can be corrected with the right moisturizer. Londontown Kur Restorative Cream works to strengthen dry and cracked nails by penetrating the nail to replenish protein and natural oils. To get the most out of this cream, apply it several times daily.