Safe Shampooing: These Naturally-Derived Shampoos Are Clean and Green

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* All sulfate-free formulas
* Helps promote healthy scalps
* Gentle on color-treated hair and safe for all hair types

Whether you wash your hair daily, every other day or once per week, it’s important to know the type and quality of shampoo and conditioner you are using, as these are one of the most-used products in our hair care regimens.

Below we are focusing on naturally-derived shampoos that contain no chemicals, sulfates, parabens or synthetic fragrances, which can strip hair of much-needed moisture. They do contain, however, healthy ingredients — many of them plant-based or essential oils — that will protect your hair, moisturize and gently lift away impurities, keeping your hair and scalp clean.

Great for those who are switching over to a more natural grooming routine, and for those with sensitive scalps that need more calming treatments, these shampoos deserve a spot in your shower caddy. Reviewers say the shampoos are also great for all hair types, safe for color-treated hair and will help you feel better about using something that is good for you and ultimately good for the planet.

1. Ursa Major Go Easy Shampoo – EDITOR’S CHOICE

The Ursa Major Daily Shampoo is sulfate-free and formulated with 30 naturally-derived ingredients such as coconut-derived surfactants for a creamy lather, along with macadamia for nourishment and bergamot to condition hair and wash away buildup. This nourishing shampoo is gentle enough for daily use, works well on all hair types and is great for men and women.

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2. Puracy Natural Shampoo – HONORABLE MENTION

Puracy’s Natural Shampoo contains only plant-derived ingredients and no harsh chemicals, working to strengthen and protect your hair. Developed by doctors and perfected by hair care experts, this shampoo works on all hair types to give you increased moisturize and hydration while protecting the scalp.

Natural Shampoo Puracy Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Perfect Hair Natural Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner – BEST VALUE

Perfect Hair Natural Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner have been developed to give your hair an intensive moisturizing treatment and are made with natural ingredients that have long been associated with hair growth, such as ginseng root, which stimulates the scalp and promotes longer cell life, and biotin, to encourage rapid hair growth. It’s important to note this natural, color-safe shampoo and conditioner work best when used together, as the shampoo promotes fuller, thicker hair and the conditioner provides volume while moisturizing and protecting your hair.

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4. Mother Dirt Shampoo – ALSO CONSIDER

Mother Dirt Shampoo takes a different approach to cleansing your hair in that it is an unpreserved, biome-friendly shampoo which helps to nurture the good bacteria in your scalp. This shampoo will clean your hair and scalp without removing the good bacteria which leaves you with shinier, fuller and healthier hair. Mother Dirt is all natural, uses only gentle ingredients and is sulfate-free. The best part is with regular use, studies showed users were able to wash their hair less often and were able to use less conditioner as well.

Sulfate Free Shampoo Mother Dirt Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo – BEST REVIEWED

Aveeno’s Pure Renewal Shampoo contains only naturally derived cleansers and is sulfate-free to help effectively remove impurities, refresh and rebalance the hair. This moisturizing shampoo is designed for all hair types, is gentle on color-treated hair and is formulated with nourishing Seaweed Extract to hydrate, leaving it shiny and full of life.

Renewal Hair Shampoo Aveeno Image Courtesy Amazon

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