Daily Deal: Coconut Charcoal Whitens Your Teeth Naturally and It’s 65% Off

natural teeth whitening
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* An all-natural way to get bright, beautiful teeth
* Not tested on animals, Made in USA
* Was: $31.50 | Now: $10.95

Everyone wants a bright, white smile. While a lot of folks’ teeth are stained from bad habits like drinking coffee or smoking, a third category of people with a less than luminous grill share a common virtue: clean living. Fearing the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in their mouths, they forego teeth bleaching and settle for an unattractive smile.

Now there’s a way to get gorgeous teeth without sacrificing your holistic lifestyle. Formulated from safe, natural ingredients, Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Powder is a smart alternative to harsh bleaches and whitening peroxides. Because it contains no harmful chemicals, you can rest assured that you’re getting great results without risking your health. 

natural teeth whitening Image courtesy Amazon

Activated Charcoal Powder is easy and convenient to use; there’s no mixing required. Simply apply the powder to a wet toothbrush, gently brush your teeth for two minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do this two times every week for the best results. Also be sure not to spill the powder or get it on your clothes; it brightens teeth, but stains surfaces and fabrics. 

Originally priced at $31.50, now’s a great time to try this product because Amazon is offering it for 65% off. That means it only costs $10.95 to get better teeth the natural way.

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