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Do You Like These New Old Spice Scents Or Do You Miss The Familiar Old School Smell?

* Fresh new scents with real ingredients
* Shampoo and body wash too
* Moisturizing and refreshing so your skin will feel as good as you smell

Everything old is new again, and even the most tried-and-true classics tend to spice it up once in a while. Long considered the, well, “Old Spice” of men’s deodorant and grooming products, Old Spice is launching a fresh take on keeping you fresh. The “Fresher” collection debuts five new scents, along with a whole new Old Spice skin care line, featuring body wash and shampoo.

The shower products keep up the themes of the new scents, with the added benefits of moisturizing and exfoliating skin. Because as The Fresher Collection’s noted YouTube spots proclaim, “men have skin, too.”

Expanding the range of masculinity that has been a big theme so far in 2019, Old Spice’s campaign features Black-ish actor Deon Cole alongside Gabrielle Dennis of Rosewood and Luke Cage fame is a minty-fresh take on an age old question. So where do you stand on the new Old Spice?

See their buzzy campaign spot above and then see three of our picks from the new Old Spice collection. Inspired by natural ingredients and formulated to keep your skin soft and nourished, we think these new products might make you ready to say out with the “old,” and in with the new.

1. Wilderness Deodorant

This new deodorant sends your pit stench off into the wild blue yonder for a full 24-hours. Plus, with its newly sophisticated repertoire of real ingredients, including wild lavender, this Fresher Collection special is a new kind of rugged – a sophisticated kind of wild. Plus, according to science, smelling lavender lowers cortisol, and lowered cortisol is also supposed to increase attractiveness, so… try it?

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Target/ Old Spice

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2. Mint Body Wash

An exfoliating and refreshing body wash, this one keeps up the Fresher Collection’s cool theme of real ingredients and great design. We especially like the reference to Linnaeus-style nature illustration. The fresh mint will help you wake up in the mornings with a burst of cooling fragrance to go along with the moisturizing lather. A great step-up from bar soap, and a better alternative to those overpowering synthetic scents too.

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Courtesy Target/ Old Spice


3. Fiji Coconut Shampoo

An island escape for your thirsty follicles, this shampoo and conditioner pairs coconut with “tropical wood,” to give you a hair-invigorating wash that recalls balmy south sea island adventures (But The Love Boat kind, not the Melville kind with the whaling and the getting marooned). Shampoo is a great way to look less like Captain Ahab or Robinson Crusoe anyway, so we suppose it’s appropriate.

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Courtesy Target/ Old Spice

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