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This $5 “Nick Stick” Promises to Soothe and Seal Up Cuts From Shaving

* Safely seals cuts on contact
* Doesn’t sting or irritate the skin
* Dries clear and fits snuggly in your shaving kit

Shaving and nicks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Those tiny cuts and scrapes across your face and legs are almost inevitable. Instead of focusing on looking your best, you have to find a way to stop the bleeding. And let’s face it: tissue bits just aren’t going to cut it – especially if you have to go into the office. Fortunately, there’s the Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick.

This small but mighty stick is essential to keep in your shaving kit. First and foremost, it stops the bleeding almost instantly. Just dab it on and watch it work. Unlike chalky styptic and alum sticks, the Nick Stick is a concentrated, liquid roll-on formula that goes on clear and dries clear. So no one will know you’re wearing it.

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Even better, the Nick Stick doesn’t sting your skin. In fact, you barely feel it. Plus, it contains Vitamin E and aloe to help promote healing and soothe your skin, because you don’t want those nicks hanging around for too long. It’s ideal for men and women, no matter how sensitive your skin is. The Nick Stick comes in a durable pen design that can weather the water and last a really long time. It’s also TSA size compliant, so it can travel with you.


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