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This Men’s Shaving Balm Doubles as a Makeup Primer, According to YouTubers

* Borrow from the boys
* For him: use as a soothing after shave balm
* For her: use as a primer for long-lasting makeup

Nivea’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm helps protect skin from shaving irritations and was specially developed for men with sensitive skin. The goal of a post-shave balm is to soothe inflamed skin, prevent razor burn, and keep it calm with a litany of soothing ingredients including Vitamin E, chamomile and witch hazel extracts.

In a surprising turn of events, beauty bloggers started touting the classic shave balm as the perfect face primer all over their YouTube and Instagram feeds and it grew to become a viral trend. Can a men’s post shave balm do double duty as a makeup primer to keep your makeup on and last throughout the day? Since the main goal of a primer is to get your makeup lasting as long as it can (while also minimizing pores and adding an extra dose of glow to your makeup), then the

certainly fits the bill.

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According to Nivea, the reason the product works so well as a primer is due to the high amount of glycerin in it. Glycerin is an ingredient in most primers that acts as a glue for the makeup to help it stay put and last longer. Another bonus is that the product is light and absorbs quickly, making it a perfect addition to your morning skin prep.

It is recommended to start by applying a small amount and work up from there, rubbing it in until it becomes tacky. Not only will this balm help your makeup last all day, but it will leave your skin feeling comfortable and smooth.