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This “Nutt Butter” Lotion is (Almost) Exactly What it Sounds Like

* Refreshing, anti-chafing lotion for men’s nether regions
* Formulated with aloe and shea
* Not for toast; does not go well with jam

This multipurpose lotion isn’t afraid to proclaim its true purpose. “Nutt Butter” is billed as an anti-chafing and “anti-shriveling” lotion that’s supposed to “Tame the Beast.” It offers a mix of smooth, soothing lotion-y qualities along with a hint of eucalyptus that gives your nether regions a tingly sensation. It reduces the dreaded chafing of dry skin and leaves your balls feeling fresh and invigorated. No need to go through life suffering the fragility of masculine dryness and letting one’s sensitive areas shrivel in silence. Not when you can apply this jojoba, aloe and shea lotion and to feel instantly smooth and fresh, with a side of anti-aging too. Because no one wants a prematurely aged sack.

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Nutt Butter is billed as more than just a fix for dry sad sack. It’s supposed to go great on your “BBCs.” Now, they’re not talking about the company that brings you Doctor Who, but rather “balls, back and chest.” Yes, all these areas can benefit from the smooth and refreshing feel of “Nutt Butter.” Just don’t put it on your toast.

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