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Awaken Your Skin With This Pure Caffeine Organic Sheet Mask

* Brightening sheet mask
* Reduces the look of fatigue and dullness in minutes
* Features natural skin brighteners and moisturizer like coffee and vitamin C

If a non-stop schedule has left you exhausted — and it’s starting to show — it may be time to start wearing your coffee, rather than just drinking it. 100% Pure’s Caffeine Mask is a single-use organic sheet mask that gives you the look of eight hours of sleep in just 15-20 minutes.

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Drenched with a powerful elixir of natural ingredients, including caffeine and vitamin C, this brightening treatment will at least leave you looking alive again, whether you feel that way or not. Just one application will visibly awaken skin, diminish signs of aging and repel free radicals.

Each potent mask delivers a boost of energy to your complexion, erasing signs of dull, tired skin. The green tea extract works to lessen the effects of sun damage and reduce inflammation, while the aloe leaf extract helps calm irritation and redness by restoring vital hydration to the skin. This mask will help keep moisture locked in place for hours after use.

Through a uniquely engineered 95% water, 5% plant cellulose hydrogel technology, the mask becomes visibly thinner as it absorbs into the skin with longer wear. The blend of hydration technology in conjunction with organic brightening agents, works together to target a broad range of skin concerns that become more prominent when we’re tired.

100% Pure is a brand firmly dedicated to the all-natural approach to skincare, with products likened to “health food for your skin.” Well, this sheet mask will certainly leave your skin full and satisfied, complete with a radiant glow that feigns a good night’s rest.

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