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It’s Time to Start Cleaning Your Hairbrush

* Specifically designed to gently clean bristles of dust and debris
* Ergonomically designed oak handle sourced from non-endangered forests
* Cleans hairbrushes more completely than fingers or combs

We are all guilty of it at one time or another—not cleaning out our hairbrush. For whatever reason, this important tool we use on the daily is allowed to build up with a few days or weeks’ worth of debris. While it may seem harmless, our new product find will help keep your hairbrush — and thus your hair — performing and looking its best.

The PHILIP B Hairbrush Cleaner is an ingenious tool that is specially designed like a mini rake to gently clear the bristles of your hairbrush of hair, lint, dust and product buildup. The hairbrush cleaner takes the guess work out of the simple task of clearing out your hairbrush and serves as a chic reminder to do it on a regular basis. This, in turn, will help your hairbrush last longer and remain as fresh and effective as the first time you used it. This brush cleaner works on all brush types and paves the way for cleaner, healthier, shinier hair. The brush cleaner works on combs and razors too, making it an essential tool for the whole family.

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