Is Pomegranate The New Skincare Hack? These 5 Products Say Yes

pomegranate skin care
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* Rich in antioxidants
* Can help treat some skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis
* Can boost the skin’s ability to protect itself from the sun

Just in case you need another excuse to buy skin care products with naturally-occurring ingredients, pomegranate-based products might be the next best thing. Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants that work by protecting and healing the skin which helps to delay the signs of aging.

Pomegranates are also rich in another important antioxidant, vitamin C, which is a vital nutrient for skin health. These powerful antioxidants are what give your skin a brighter complexion, fight inflammation and treat acne breakouts and dark spots. If that weren’t enough, pomegranate seeds in oil form, have been known to help cure eczema and psoriasis.

However way you choose to get your pomegranate fix, it might be helpful to incorporate it into your skincare routine with some of our favorite picks below. Whether it’s via the intoxicating scent of a hydrating lip balm or by taking it in its purest oil form, you will be pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness.

1. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm

The Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm by EOS is a great flavor in the popular brand’s never-ending, organic lip balm line. 100% natural, paraben and petrolatum-free, this balm is packed with only skin-friendly ingredients, including shea butter and jojoba oils to soothe and hydrate the lips. Pop one of these compact and adorable lip balms in all your bags so you are never without a little moisture.

Pomegranate Lip Balm EOS Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask

Missha’s Pure Source Smoothing and Tightening Mask contains pomegranate essence to firm, moisturize and smooth the skin and is contained in a compact, woven cell fabric which helps it adhere to the skin comfortably. Pomegranate essence will also energize and improve skin’s overall elasticity. For ideal use, prep clean skin with toner, spread the mask evenly over the face, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, remove and gently pat ingredients into the skin until fully absorbed. Tip: it is always a good idea to apply any leftover (there will be a ton) essence onto your neck, decolletage and backs of the hands.

Pomegranate Sheet Mask Pure Source Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Leven Rose Pomegranate Seed Oil

100% Pure Pomegranate Seed Oil is a great way to experience the benefits of pomegranates in its purest form. The Leven Rose Pomegranate Seed Oil is a therapeutic-grade organic oil that is meant to regenerate and heal the skin by promoting cell renewal and improve skin’s elasticity which diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The high omega fatty acid levels in this oil have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties as well, which will help ward off free radicals. Great for all skin types, this oil has a myriad of uses: massage it into your clogged pores daily to loosen dirt, makeup and brighten and apply to your scalp to unclog pores and help promote hair growth. A little goes a long way with this concentrated oil and with regular use, your skin will look smooth and healthy while feeling hydrated.

Pomegranate Seed Oil Leven Rose Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Korres Pomegranate Toner

Korres’s Pomegranate Toner uses the power of 15% pomegranate water and natural active ingredients for pore-minimizing, mattifying and overall clarifying of the skin. In addition to toner’s usual qualities of removing excess dirt and oil and imparting a tighter, smoother and more matte finish to the skin, the addition of pomegranate extracts will refine the appearance of pores and rejuvenate. Pomegranate extract is rich in tannins, polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E and when combined with witch hazel and salicylic acid, provide skin conditioning properties, prepping your skin for the next step in your skincare regimen.

Pomegranate Toner Korres Image Courtesy Korres


5. Korres Pomegranate Moisturizing Cream-Gel

Your last skincare step after applying toner (above), is ideally a hydrating moisturizer. The Korres Pomegranate Moisturizing and Balancing Cream-Gel is a pore-minimizing, natural moisturizer that delivers the immediate and lasting hydration needed from a moisturizer while balancing oily or combination skin. This gel-cream is formulated with a blend of 15% pomegranate water and pomegranate extract to help rejuvenate the look of skin while hyaluronic and salicylic acids combine to offer an immediate moisture boost. Your skin will be fully conditioned and will take on an overall smoother and healthier appearance.

Moisturizing and Balancing Cream Korres Image Courtesy Korres

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