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This $25 “Pore Vacuum” Sucks Up Your Blackheads, Whiteheads and Zits

PROS: Strong suction capability without damaging skin
CONS: Might be too abrasive for sensitive skin
TAKEAWAY: Reduces oil production and rejuvenates skin without going to dermatologist

When you need a deeper cleaning of the skin than your average cleanser, face mask or even nose strip, then it’s time to call in the big guns and get yourself an electronic vacuum pore cleaner. These mini vacuums work by using suction to deeply clean out your pores, leaving you with softer, rejuvenated skin. This version by COOFO Srocker uses this innovative vacuum technology to remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and makeup residue safely and effectively, and works for both men and women.

This intense pore cleaner uses five suction levels to give you the most appropriate power level suitable for different skin types. Levels 1 and 2 give you light suction and are suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Level 3 is for normal skin, and levels 4 and 5 provide the highest suction and are ideal for oily skin and larger pores. And with a large LED display, you can easily see what level you are choosing and change accordingly.

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Also included are four replaceable beauty heads that are ideal for different areas of the face and perform different tasks depending on your needs. For example, the two large circular heads work to remove the blackheads, promote circulation and help rejuvenate skin and can be used anywhere on the face except around the eyes.

You can easily make using this device a whole spa-like experience, as it is suggested to start with a good facial steaming prior to use and then start using the vacuum while skin is still moist, to ensure ease of suction sans redness. Within five minutes, your pores should be thoroughly cleaned and your face will look smoother and feel tighter.

Other benefits include increased circulation and skin elasticity, tightening of loose skin, smoother wrinkles and smaller pore size.

VERDICT: With an easy and convenient USB charging and ergonomic design making it easy and comfortable to hold, this device is a great addition to any beauty lover’s skincare tool arsenal.

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