These Mini Travel Bidets Help Keep You Fresh on The Road

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In some ways, America is a pretty unusual place. If we take a look at the items present in a bathroom, one of the strangest things for foreigners visiting the USA from Europe or Asia is the lack of a bidet. These water sprayers, which can be a bowl-like creation or a handheld hose, are a common fixture in private and public bathrooms in many other parts of the world. Yet most Americans have often never heard of them, let alone considered using one. We’re here to tell you why that should change, for your benefit and the world’s.

Firstly, using a bidet is better for personal hygiene. Toilet paper leaves bits behind. However, the best bidets and handheld bidets replace this potential problem with a spray of water. This does the trick of removing all the nasty stuff from your undercarriage without leaving anything behind. It’s also more gentle on your skin than wiping rough pieces of mangled tree across your butt.

Furthermore, bidets are better for the environment, cost less to use than toilet paper over the long run and prevent unpleasant plumbing clogs. All in all, we’d say Americans are missing out by not using these toilet accessories.

If we’ve convinced you to try a bidet but you don’t want to commit to the full monty and install one in your bathroom, below you’ll find a selection of the best handheld bidets to try.

Alternatively, if you already love using your homebound bidet and want to be able to take one with you on the go, these options are fully travel friendly. Slip one in your bag and make it part of your regular travel gear.

When choosing the right portable bidet option for you, it’s a good idea to consider the following aspects:

  • Size – Some travel bidets are bigger than others. If you’re limited on packing space or want a more discreet option, you may want to look at the more compact bidet options.
  • Price – Portable bidet quality ranges from two-piece, plastic devices all the way up to button-operated electronic options. This change in quality obviously comes with a difference in the price you pay.
  • Manual or Electric – Manual bidets require you to squeeze the water tank to generate water flow, while electronic options have a button(s) to provide you with a more relaxed and effortless cleaning experience.
  • Nozzle Length – You may want to consider the length of the nozzle if you have limited flexibility or particularly short arms. Some models are designed with extra-long nozzles to ensure you can cover every inch you need to.

Once you’ve considered all these elements and are ready to dive into the world of toilet paper-free (ish) bathroom use, choose the best portable bidet for you from the 15 below.


1. CYNPEL LTD Portable Bidet


With over 85% of Amazon users awarding this bidet a positive rating, you can trust that the CYNPEL LTD Portable Bidet is going to get the job done. While it may be marketed for postnatal care, this highly-portable and easy-to-use device includes everything you need to get you and your undercarriage clean when you’re away from home. The 12-ounce design features a retractable nozzle, nozzle cover and a head which sports 10 holes, providing more coverage and a stronger stream of water for a faster and more comfortable clean. Furthermore, this impressively reviewed device comes with a drawstring travel bag to make transporting your bidet especially easy.

best handheld bidets peri Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Bio Bidet The Palm


The Bio Bidet The Palm is a hand-powered cleaning option. Simply fill the barrel with water and squeeze the water out of the convenient 7.5-inch nozzle. The main advantage of this particular bidet is that it has two sets of five nozzle holes, allowing for stronger water pressure and a wider area of cleaning. In addition, it comes with a convenient carrying case.

portable bidet bio bidet palm Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Antallcky Portable Travel Bidet


At just over 10 inches long, the Antallcky Portable Travel Bidet is a compact device that is easy to fit in a backpack or pocket. It comes with a handy drawstring bag for more convenient transport along with a detachable nozzle for alternate water stream options. The bottle’s tank can hold up to 450 milliliters of water and features raised bumps around the middle to improve grip during use. Furthermore, it’s received positive reviews from 100% of Amazon users to date.

best handheld bidets antallcky Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Portable Bidet Personal Washmate


If you’re looking for a little more reach from your travel bidet, you may want to give the Portable Bidet Personal Portable Bidet and Washmate a try. Not only is it a budget-friendly answer to your undercarriage washing needs, the extra-long, nine-inch head ensures you’ll have all the length you need for a comprehensive clean. Additionally, the bidet’s head sports a large number of holes which help provide greater cover and allow for faster cleaning.

best handheld bidets north american Image courtesy of Amazon


5. CuloClean Portable Travel Bidet


The CuloClean Portable Travel Bidet is the right choice for you if you’re not looking to carry around a large additional bidet in your luggage. It’s ideal for long-term travel or backpacking as the smart and compact design is no bigger than the average bottle top and screws into the top of the average plastic water bottle. As it fits both small and large-necked bottles, you’ll rarely struggle to find a bottle to fit, so, as long as you have this handy device in your pocket or backpack, you’ll never be left without a bidet on the go. The pack also includes two bidets, meaning you can share the pack or keep a spare in a convenient place.

best handheld bidets culo clean Image courtesy of Amazon


6. JP Bathroom Master’s Portable Travel Bidet


The JP Bathroom Master’s Portable Travel Bidet’s smart yet simple design makes things easy. The two-piece device can hold up to 12.8 ounces of water, meaning all you need to do is fill it, screw the top on, squeeze and enjoy a jet of water for cleaning yourself. The plastic used in the portable bidet is free from toxins, BPAs and the harsh chemicals found in many competing devices. The bottle element of the bidet sports an ergonomic design which makes it more comfortable in hand, while the nozzle can also be retracted to create a more compact and easily transported device.

best handheld bidets jp bathroom master Image courtesy of Amazon


7. The Happy Brand Company Happy Bottom Bidet


Built to be as portable as possible, The Happy Brand Company Happy Bottom Portable Bidet includes a range of handy features to improve the usability of this handheld bottom cleaner. It includes an extra-long nozzle to deliver additional reach during use as well as a slim, 400-milliliter bottle that sports raised bumps for a better grip. In addition, the long nozzle is retractable, making this bidet easier to store and carry when it’s not being used.

portable bidet happy bottom Image courtesy of Amazon


8. HAPPYPO Easy-Bidet Portable Shower


If you want a reason to trust that the HAPPYPO Easy-Bidet Portable Shower is a good idea, look no further than the German version of Shark Tank. The resulting bidet is compact, well put together and offers a quick and easy way to wash yourself on the go. It’s as easy as filling it up, squeezing and cleaning. The portable shower is available in either white or green, and beyond personal cleaning, it can additionally be used during hemorrhoids, CEDs, UTIs or other conditions that necessitate the elimination of toilet paper from your bathroom routine.

best handheld bidets happypo Image courtesy of Amazon


9. GUSTYLE Portable Travel Bidet


Small enough to fit in your back pocket, the GUSTYLE Portable Travel Bidet is an effective butt-cleaning system. The nozzle offers 180 degrees of movement, and the device includes an alloy filter which means hard water is less likely to clog the system. Additionally, the entire device is rated as IPX6 waterproof. This means you can rinse the inside and outside of this bidet with confidence and without worry of damaging the batteries or internal electronics. All in all, this is one device you’ll be loathe to leave home without.

portable bidet gustyle electric Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Tone Life Travel Bidet Portable


If you’re looking for his and her bidets or have a travel buddy who’d appreciate the thought, consider the Tone Life Travel Bidet Portable Set. This well-reviewed set of bidets includes two 450-milliliter tanks, two nozzles and two drawstring carry bags, ensuring you have everything you need for staying clean on the go. The bottles are also made from a BPA-free plastic and include seven holes in the nozzle for a comfortable mix of power and spread in your water supply.

best handheld bidets tone life Image courtesy of Amazon


11. TUSHY Travel Bidet


The TUSHY Travel Bidet is a palm-sized portable bidet that includes everything you need for cleaning yourself — in a collapsible package. It comes in three different colors, and, when you find yourself out and about and in need of a bidet, it can be expanded and filled with water for your cleaning needs. This bidet is ideal for travel, work or even school and includes a discreet carrying case. When expanded, the tank can hold up to 11 fluid ounces, and the device also sports a carabiner on the outside, making it easy to attach your bidet to bags, jeans and other loops.

best handheld bidets tushy Image courtesy of TUSHY


12. Sorbo Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer


The first battery-operated bidet on our list, the Sorbo Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer is compact enough to fit in your backpack or pocket as well as powerful enough to deliver a comprehensive clean. The nozzle is adjustable by 180 degrees and conveniently folds into the device when not in use. In addition, this bidet has two washing modes, namely gentle and strong, and it has a smart shut-off after 60 seconds, or when the water runs out. As an added bonus, this device can accommodate both warm and cold water.

best handheld bidets sorbo Image courtesy of Amazon


13. LUOOV Electric Portable Bidet


Just because you might be away from home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your normal hose bidet system, albeit with a little difference. The LUOOV Electric Portable Bidet is ideal for long stays at hotels or AirBnBs where you’d like to install a temporary bidet. All you need to do is submerge the intake of this battery-powered device in water, whether that’s a bucket, sink, bath or other water supply, and start enjoying your choice of the two water flow levels available. Additionally, the set includes a suction cup for temporarily storing your device on the wall and an alternative shower head for more spray options.

best handheld bidets electric portable Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Hibbent Portable Bidet


By including its own water tank and a built-in plastic bottle attachment, the Hibbent Portable Bidet offers a range of options when it comes to supplying your device with water. In addition to the choice of water sources, this electronic device also provides two different spray powers and fits inside the water tank for a more compact option when you need to transport the device. The bidet is waterproof and can be charged from any USB port, offering around 100 cycles per full charge.

best handheld bidets hibbent Image courtesy of Amazon


15. TOTO Travel Handy Washlet


Dorthy never went anywhere without Toto and soon you won’t want to, either. The TOTO Travel Handy Washlet is an advanced personal travel bidet which includes a push-button design and offers two warm water washing modes. The battery-powered design features a 180-milliliter tank for a comprehensive clean and comes with a handy carry case. It also sports a carry loop for security and ease during transport. This high-quality bidet is ideal for use at the office, at friends’ houses or even while traveling, too.

best handheld bidets toto Image courtesy of Amazon


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