These Mini Travel Bidets Help Keep You Fresh on The Road

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* Bidets are better than toilet paper for your bottom and the environment
* These handheld bidets are easy to take with you for use on the road
* Includes both hand pump and electric versions

America is a weird place for more ways than one. We won’t get into everything, but one of the strangest thing for foreigners visiting the USA is the lack of bidets. From Europe to Asia, these water sprayers are a common fixture in private and public bathrooms alike. Yet most Americans have never used one. We’re here to tell you why that should change.

Using a bidet is better for personal hygiene. Toilet paper leaves bits behind, but warm water does the trick of removing all the nasty stuff on your bottom after you use the bathroom. It’s also easier on your skin than wiping pieces of a tree across your butt.

Furthermore, bidets are better for the environment, cost less to use than toilet paper and prevent plumbing clogs. All in all, we’d say Americans are missing out by not using these toilet accessories.

Perhaps you are ready to try a bidet but don’t want to commit to the full monty. These portable, handheld options are an affordable way to give washing with water a go. Alternatively, if you already love using a bidet and want to be able to take one with you anywhere you go, these options are fully travel friendly. Slip one in your bag, and you’ll have bidet power everywhere.

1. Bio Bidet The Palm

The Bio Bidet The Palm is a hand-powered cleaning option. Simply fill the barrel with water and squeeze the water out of the convenient 7.5-inch nozzle. The main advantage of this particular bidet is that it has two sets of five nozzle holes, allowing for stronger water pressure and a wider area of cleaning. In addition, it comes with a convenient carrying case.

portable bidet bio bidet palm Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Serenily Mini Handheld Travel Bidet

Similar to the first portable bidet on our list, the Serenily Mini Travel Bidet is a handheld option that does not require electricity or batteries to operate. Simply hold it upside down and squeeze. The unique 60-degree nozzle allows for efficient cleaning without awkward maneuvering. Also, this bidet is available in both 300 and 600 ml capacities to suit your needs.

portable bidet serenily hand pump Image courtesy of Amazon


3. The Happy Brand Company Happy Bottom Bidet

Built to be as portable as possible, The Happy Brand Company Happy Bottom Portable Bidet has all the features necessary for a well-built handheld bottom cleaner. It includes an extra-long nozzle to reach wherever you need to clean and a slim bottle for an easy grip. In addition, the nozzle is retractable, making this bidet easy to store and carry when you’re not using it.

portable bidet happy bottom Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Mini Boss Portable Electric Bidet Sprayer

The first battery-operated bidet on our list, the Mini Boss Portable Electric Bidet Sprayer is small enough to fit in your bag but powerful enough to give you a good clean. The nozzle is adjustable by 180 degrees and conveniently folds into the device when not in use. In addition, this bidet has two washing modes, namely gentle and strong, and it has a smart shut-off after 60 seconds or after the water runs out. As an added bonus, this device can accommodate both warm and cold water.

portable bidet mini boss electric Image courtesy of Amazon


5. GUSTYLE Portable Travel Bidet

Small enough to fit in your back pocket, the GUSTYLE Portable Travel Bidet has everything you need to clean your bottom. The nozzle is adjustable by 180 degrees, and the device includes an alloy filter so hard waters won’t clog the system. Plus, the entire device is rated as IPX6 waterproof. Because of this, you can rinse the inside and outside of this bidet without damaging the batteries or the electronics. All in all, this is one device you’ll be loathe to leave home without.

portable bidet gustyle electric Image courtesy of Amazon


These Affordable Hand Held Bidets Allow You to Stay Fresh Without The Fuss