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I Sweat a Ridiculous Amount and These 6 Products Save Me From Embarrassment on the Daily

There’s a very medical-sounding name for the condition that causes people like me to sweat a lot, and, like, a ridiculous amount — hyperhidrosis. Treatment might involve prescription-strength antiperspirant or a mild form of electric shock therapy (yes, really). However, as a millennial, I’m wary of going to the doctor and risking obscene out-of-pocket costs for something that isn’t an emergency.

And even though I hate sweating through my shirts during hot summer days, it’s not quite an emergency. At least, not until my girlfriend tells me it is.

As an e-commerce editor, I’m one of the first people to learn about new product launches, and countless grooming tools have come across my desk over the past two years. As a result, I’ve assembled a pretty good collection of tools that help me deal with my excessive sweating problem. None of these hacks will cure hyperhidrosis or address the underlying problem (in my case, I believe my excessive sweating is a combination of my metabolism, lifestyle and medication side effects), but they can help you avoid sweat stains and body odor.

Just as importantly, they can provide some relief on those unbearably hot and humid summer days.

Have you ever ridden a crowded New York City subway car with broken air conditioning in the peak of summer? I have, and that’s why I keep the following excessive sweating rescue products in my EDC kit.


Antiperspirant + Regular Deodorant

Okay, let’s start with the most basic and important item in your I-Sweat-Too-Much Toolkit — your choice in deodorant. You might assume that sweaty dudes like me only use antiperspirant, but you’d be wrong. I actually recommend using a combination of an antiperspirant and a regular deodorant. After a shower, I apply my go-to antiperspirant (in my case, classic Old Spice). However, I also keep an emergency regular version of this deodorant in my backpack at all times. For touchups and hot days, I’ve found that applying a layer of regular deodorant as needed can help ward off BO.

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A Cotton Bandana

Since I became the Site Director at, I’ve made sure that our bandana coverage is on point. And that’s because I love my bandanas, and I’m very happy about the fact that cool bandanas are now a popular accessory for men. They’re also indispensable for sweaty guys. I always keep a cotton bandana in my back pocket. Not only is this a great style accessory, but you can take it off and dab your forehead and neck when you start sweating. Currently, I’m sporting Wallace & Barnes cotton bandanas, available at J.Crew.

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Dollar Shave Club Wipes

This next item is a bit embarrassing — for me. Dollar Shave Club sent me the travel version of their One Wipe Charlies, and on really hot summer days, I found that they were a refreshing way to combat sweat. I’d simply wipe down my neck or forehead with their soothing wipes and instantly feel refreshed. It was only much later that I realized these wipes are designed for wiping your bottom. Still, they work great for my purposes, and I’d recommend them to any guy that sweats too much. DSC also makes an antiperspirant version, which works even better for our purposes.

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Lightweight T-Shirts

For sweaty guys like me, it’s crucial to have a steady rotation of lightweight t-shirts. And here at SPY, we’ve put a lot of resources into finding the world’s best t-shirts. Our investigation has determined that the best tees for guys like me come from an under-the-radar brand called Fresh Clean Tees, which we’ve named the World’s Greatest Tee. These t-shirts are comfortable, long-lasting, and super-affordable. If you are willing to spend a little more, I also love the incredibly lightweight tees from Cuts Clothing, which are great for more active guys.

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Gold Bond Foot Powder

Unfortunately, guys who sweat a lot tend to sweat from head to toe, and foot sweat can lead to seriously stinky feet. That’s why a good foot powder is essential for saving face, and it’s one of the best products for guys who sweat a lot. After testing the top products from brands like Duke Cannon and Gold Bond, my favorite foot powder comes is this product from Gold Bond, which comes in a convenient spray bottle.

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A Personal Air Conditioner

Finally, we have a product that comes highly recommended by my colleagues, although I don’t personally use this cooling device. has tested, reviewed and loved the Coolify Personal Air Conditioners, which wrap around your neck and lower your body temperature through a powerful cooling effect. They’re definitely expensive, but they can be a lifesaver for sweaty guys during the summer.

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