Pucker Up To This Luxurious Mouth Masque

lip plumping mouth masque
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* Restorative masque for delicate area around the mouth
* Powerful ingredients aid in age reneweal and firming of skin
* Plumps up lip contour area for perfect pout

Prime your pout for that perfect kiss with this Mouth Masque from French-Canadian beauty brand, Nannette de Gaspé. This waterless masque delivers a combination of powerful age renewal actives in a hydrating formula. The carefully-sourced ingredients help strengthen and increase collagen production, to tighten and firm the skin around your mouth while reducing upper lip lines. After a few treatments, you’re left with a smoother, softer, plumper lip contour area.

Each waterless masque can be used up to three times (the masque may be hygienically resealed and stored). Place the mask over your mouth area and let it sit smoothly against your skin. Relax and enjoy the warm, enveloping feeling of the masque for 15 minutes. The company recommends using the mouth masque 2-3 times a week for noticeable results. In a pinch and need faster results? Use the masque for 3 consecutive days for intensive care.

Dermatologically tested and approved, the Nannette de Gaspé Mouth Masque is a safe and opulent way to treat yourself, while skipping those expensive visits to the spa or doctor’s office. The key active ingredients gradually diffuse and absorb into your skin through a technologically advanced micro-delivery system. Your skin will look brighter and rejuvenated, while the delicate area around your lips will feel refreshed and restored.

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