On The Record: This Power Rangers Star Explains How Acting Inspired Her To Start A Skin Care Line

Jennifer Yen Purlisse
Image courtesy of Jennifer Yen
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* Jennifer Yen starred in the Power Rangers franchise from 2000-2005
* Years of heavy makeup and stage lighting wrecked her delicate skin
 * Inspired her to launch Purlisse — skin care based on ancient Chinese wisdom

When she wasn’t battling the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the kids show Power Rangers, Jennifer Yen found herself battling a slew of skin care problems, ranging from acne to psoriasis due to the heavy stage makeup and intense lighting conditions she had to deal with for her role as the sultry villain, Vypra.

After the franchise came to an end in 2001, Yen was inspired to create a line of skin care that drew influence from ancient Chinese wisdom passed down to her from her grandmother, and to attempt to heal the damage left on her skin. And thus, Purlisse was born.

We sat down with Yen to talk about her comprehensive collection, which emphasizes gentle yet, effective ingredients to target the signs of aging and adult acne without irritating and damaging the skin (P.S. Our staff tried some Purlisse products, and we’re obsessed with the Cleansing Milk and BB Cream, which was non-greasy with surprisingly good coverage — yay!)

What was the makeup application process like on the set of Power Rangers?

Since it was on TV, it had to be extremely full coverage with heavy eye makeup to fit my villainous character. My makeup artists would pile layers of different foundations with constant powder foundation touch ups throughout the day, just adding more and more product.

How did the makeup and skin care (or lack thereof) affect your skin?

I would spend 15 hours a day on set under heavy makeup and it completely ruined my skin, along with my confidence having constant irritated and itchy skin. I developed rosacea, psoriasis, adult acne, hives… my skin couldn’t breathe through the products, which resulted in clogged pores and growing bacteria.

Purlisse cleansing milk Image courtesy of Dermstore

Purlisse 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk


What made you decide to start a skin care line of your own, and/or what were you inspired by?

After I started experiencing these skin issues, I realized there were probably millions of other women experiencing the same problems. I tried everything to heal my skin, but it wasn’t until I re-discovered my grandmother’s Asian beauty secrets that my skin finally started to improve. I built Purlisse around my grandmother’s most important beauty secret – blue lotus.

Purlisse eye serum Image courtesy of Dermstore

Purlisse 4-In-1 Eye Serum


How do these Asian “beauty secrets” work for today?

One of them is soy milk and how beneficial it is for the skin. My grandmother used to make soy milk for my family to drink, and then she’d wash her face with it. It helps renew dead skin cells but also moisturizes the skin. She was also constantly brewing white tea, which is known for its anti-aging properties. She would brew the lotus leaves with tea and sauté the seeds with vegetables for us to eat. She’d also steam and sauté the lotus root with sesame seeds, which is very detoxifying. Our first collection is based on the blue lotus which carries a lot of symbolism in Asian culture.

Somehow, you look even younger than did on the show. How has your skin transformed since you began using your line of skin care products?

Using natural products with minimal ingredients that actually work instead of insane amount of chemicals in stage makeup led my skin to finally forgive me! I now have amazing products that work without needing five different moisturizers and masks to take the day off. My skin was able to calm down, clear up and finally breathe.

Purlisse BB cream Image courtesy of Dermstore

Purlisse BB Cream


What does your everyday skin care routine look like right now?

In the morning, I cleanse with the Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk, then I put on the BLUE LOTUS 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum (because serum should be the first thing that goes on your skin) and the Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30. I also try to stay away from thick makeup as much as possible so I also throw on the BB Tinted Moist Cream– it’s extremely lightweight and breathable yet still hides my imperfections!.

We love that your products are safe to use for pregnant women and busy moms. How has being a mother changed your beauty routine if at all?

Being a mother definitely requires needing me to get ready quickly because I have way less time to be sitting around. I need products that can be thrown on quickly but still look great. BB Cream is great for that because it’s lightweight and natural looking, yet gives me everything I need. I also do not have as much time anymore to go and get facials so our sheet masks and BLUE LOTUS Seed Mud Mask allows me to bring the spa treatment home and multitask while taking care of my skin.

[caption id="attachment_110080" align="aligncenter" width="347"]Purlisse mud mask Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Can you tell us about any new product launches in the works?

We are getting ready to launch some fun new products! Look forward to a new set of products with new scents for the spring and summer seasons.