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The Remington Hyper Series Shaver Makes Quick Work of Stubble

* High precision blades
* ActiveContour XL design for smooth shaving
* Long-lasting battery

The top of the line Remington Hyper Series Rotary Shaver is one of the most powerful and versatile rotary shavers on the market. Powered by a hefty Lithium ion battery that also gives a nicely weighted feel to the shaver’s grip, the Remington shaver is quick-charge capable and provides a full hour of shaving on a single charge.

The XR1370 features the most sophisticated implementation yet of Remington’s trademark hyper flex blade technology. Using a triple blade head, the rotary shaver effortlessly glides around corners and makes quick work of chin stubble. It also does an incredible job on the stubborn under-jaw hairs that are often out-of-reach for other electric shavers.

Most shavers seem badly suited to the angular contours of men’s faces. The Remington hyper series shaver aims to get around this, literally, with its ActiveContour XL design. This feature essentially combines two articulating elements, one in base of the precision blade and one in the shaver head itself, to deliver near 90-degree shaving angle capability.

The high precision blades of the Remington hyper series feature WetTech as well, letting you use the XR1370 shaver in or out of the shower and enabling you to get the ideal ratio of shaving lotions and creams for a smooth, irritation-free shave.

The shaver also features dual precision blades, featuring a unique blade spacing pattern designed to allow trimming longer hairs and shorter stubble with the same stroke, without anything — hair or skin — getting caught.

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