Get Rid of Earwax & Help the Environment With These Reusable Cotton Swabs

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Do you often find yourself thinking about how much waste is created with one-use cotton swabs, aka Q-tips? We do too. Single-use cotton swabs are basically right up there with coffee pods, plastic bags and plastic straws as the worst environmental offenders. If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, then we’ve put together this list for you.

Reusable cotton swabs are really helpful in the removal of ear wax in a healthy and sustainable way. Without throwing away too much cotton, clean out your ears and please your body and help the environment at the same time. Since we’re all trying to create less trash and reduce our carbon footprint, trying out new products that are reusable is a great way to start, from reusable water bottles to toothbrushes.


The Best Ear Wax Removal Produts

Look, we’re not going to tell you to stick anything in your ear. You should talk to your doctor before inserting anything in your body. However, unlike Q-tip packing, we’re not going to lie to you and pretend you don’t use cotton swabs for ear wax removal. We know damn well that’s the primary reason people buy Q-tips and cotton swabs in the first place.

However, there are plenty of better ways to safely get rid of ear wax. There are also ear wax removal kits that are much better for the environment.

So what is a reusable cotton swab? It’s similar to a regular cotton stick but made with slightly different materials that are more sustainable for the Earth. There are a few options made with everything from stainless steel to silicone with washable cotton tips. And even though the label on your cotton swabs says not to stick them in your ear, we know that that’s what you’re using these for anyway.

Keep reading to check out the best reusable cotton swabs. We’ve also included a few additional ear wax removal products.


1. Last Swab Reusable Cotton Swabs


Last Swab is an excellent choice for your reusable cotton swabs, and it’s helped popularize the entire concept of sustainable cotton swabs. Last Swabs have a sleek silicone design that is easy to clean and soft to the touch. Don’t worry about your eardrums ever again with these gentle and eco-friendly ear cleaners. They come in a handy travel case that’s easy to hide away or to travel with. Last Swab is also a great eco-friendly gift as they come in a wide variety of colors. Basically, the perfect choice for a reusable cotton swab.

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2. BeBird Ear Wax Removal with Camera


BeBird has created a unique and new product for ear wax removal. It’s a tool that cleans your ear but the trick is that it has a tiny camera on the end that is projected onto the screen of your phone. Watch while you maneuver the tool to efficiently clean your inner ear safely. With a 360 wide professional lens, this camera will give you a close-up of your ear like no other ear removal tool before it. Made from a soft silicone material, the cleaning tool reaches gently into your ear to clean while you watch from your phone to safely angle the wand whichever way you like. It has a rechargeable battery that boasts a 30-day charge and is a great choice for anyone seeking better at-home ear treatment.

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3. ETEREAUTY Stainless Steel Ear Wax Removal Kit


Etereauty has made a seamless, streamlined wax removal kit and while it looks very fancy, it is very accessible. It is a medical-grade removal kit with six separate tools for easy wax removal and with none of the waste. Clean your ears and save the environment at the same time. With these six different cleaners, ranging from hard to soft to super clean to a small massage, your ears will be cleaner than ever. A great choice for those who enjoy multiple options for cleaning, plus it comes with a sleek case for storage.

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4. Strogem Reusable Cotton Swabs

This fun and colorful reusable cotton swabs are made from silicone, an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean material. Wipe out the wax and dirt from your ears, rinse, and repeat. It’s never been easier to be clean out those nooks and crannies and stop an excessive amount of waste from going into your bathroom trash can at the same time. The kit comes in a compact-style disk with a mirror and an extra set of silicone heads. As it comes in many colors, this item would make an excellent gift for any friend or family member. A great choice for anyone seeking a sleek and easy-to-use ear wax removal kit.

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5. Q-Grips Wax Remover

The Q-Grip is an innovative and safe way to clean your ears. Made with a silicone brush that twists gently, your ears will be squeaky clean in no time. With an additional smaller tool for finer twists and turns, the Q-Grip is worth your interest and at a budget price point, it can’t be beaten. This tool comes in a variety of colors and is battery-operated. It values itself on being safe and sanitary, useful for both kids and adults. This 2 in 1 product is easy to use and even easier to clean; try out the Q-Grip Wax Remover to save on disposable q-tips and help save the environment.

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6. TOROKOM Reusable Swabs

These reusable silicone ear swabs come in a pack of eight, which is excellent if you are in need of more than one reusable swab. If you have a partner or kids to take care of, this is a great pack to choose. With plenty of swabs available, that’s less cleaning for you and more attention for your ears. While they are easy to clean, the Torokom reusable swabs come in a small case for easy storage. With two types of heads, these double-sided swabs are excellent for a quick ear massage or an easy clean-up job.

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7. Uramoto Reusable Cotton Swabs

The Uramoto reusable cotton swabs are made from an environmentally-friendly silicone material. They are easy to use and can be stored in a small case that comes in fun colors. There are four different types of heads for cleaning, from a twisted spiral to a cone shape. The heart shape looks especially appealing for a deep clean. These reusable cotton swabs are great for makeup removal as well and the biggest perk might be the lack of white cotton fuzzies often leftover with disposable Q-tips.

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8. KDO Ear Wax Removal Kit

This kit has 20 pieces for all your ear wax removal needs. From spiral-tipped silicone swabs to an ear light for extra efficient cleaning, this kit is a great option for those of us who enjoy a good cleaning. The tool that is equipped with a small light is easy to insert while also providing a deep, soothing clean of all wax. The other tools all have reusable heads that can be rinsed in water and stored for their next use. This is an excellent kit for those of us who enjoy having a few options for our cleaning spree.

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9. Medi-Ear Wax Removal

For those of us who are seeking a more efficient style of ear wax removal via the kind you’d find at your doctor’s office but made for home, the Medi-Ear is your new favorite product. If you have a recurrent wax buildup that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, the Medi-Ear will prove to be a savior. It includes a hose that contains a specific nozzle to apply pressurized water into the ear as well as a cup to catch the wax and a curette and 25 attachable tips for the nozzle. Clean out your ears efficiently with the Medi-Ear product, you won’t ever look at a q-tip again.

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