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Lived-in Review: The Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Hair Dryer

* Add texture and volume to your hair with a diffuser
* Enhance natural curls or create beach waves without a curling iron
* Equipped with Tourmaline IONIC technology to fight frizz

Whether you want to enhance your natural curls, or are just a low-maintenance girl that doesn’t care to invest hours into your hair routine, using a diffuser rather than (or in addition to) a traditional blow dryer can help enhance your hair without having to rely on damaging curling irons and using excessive product.

We got to try out the

, which promises to add intense volume and texture to your strands with minimal effort. It’s also designed with Bed Head’s Tourmaline IONIC technology, which effectively smooth ends and combats frizz.

I have thick, long hair that dries almost completely straight, so it took me a little longer to get the tousled waves I was going for. If you also have a lot of hair, I reccomend dividing your hair with clips and working in sections for better and quicker results.

First, I blew my hair almost completely without the diffuser attached. Once my hair was just slightly damp, I attached the diffuser, placed the dryer at the bottom of my ends, and made “scrunching” motions to get more wave and definition. I would also suggest using a curl-enhancing styling product, which will to help hold the texture and shape in place. It’a also equipped with three different heat and two different speed settings, and even features a “cool blast” setting which also helps to lock your style in place.

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After 15 minutes of using the diffuser on my damp hair, I achieved those effortless-looking, bedhead tousles that I was looking for – even without using any product in my hair. While the texture and wave eventually fell flat after a few hours, I believe using a curling product (as is instructed) to secure the look would’ve improved its wear time. Best of all, I didn’t have to worry about dealing frizzy hair all day long, which is a common problem I face every time I blow dry my hair. While the two-in-one styling tool was “designed with curly hair gals in mind,” I think a wide range of hair types and texture will love it.


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