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Achieve the Ultimate Plumped Pout With This Nighttime Hero

* Suitable for skin types
* Targets fine lines and protects collagen for more youthful appearance
* Creates soothing and firming effect

Everyone’s looking for the plumper, smoother pout without the commitment, price or pain of surgical procedures. The beauty community as of late has jumped on this trend and come out with a slew of effective products to try without having to commit to cosmetic enhancement.

One in particular we love is the Sarah Chapman Overnight Lip Concentrate. This anti-aging conditioning balm uses their proprietary “Kinesis” night-treatment technologies and partners them with the latest innovations to comfort, plump and de-age the entire lip area.

This lip concentrate acts as a “serum in balm” to replenish the lips and lip contour with concentrated active ingredients, retinols, omegas and antioxidants to treat the lips overnight and prepare for the environmental stressors of the next day.

The highly-advanced ingredients essentially help to reinforce the barrier function of the lips and reduce water loss to help lock in moisture. This will create a soothing and firming effect on your lips while also protecting the youth-creating collagen. Immediately, your lips will feel comforted, nourished and most importantly, plumped, with long-term effects.

Sarah Chapman is London’s most sought after and in demand facialist. Her skincare line delivers salon-strength results in the comfort of your home and fuses science and nurture to visibly protect and rejuvenate.

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