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Spice Up Your Hair Care Routine With This Hot Sauce-Infused Spray

* Offers intense heat damage protection
* Leaves hair nourished, soft and smooth
* Inspired by iconic recipes from around the globe

What do you get when you combine one creator’s two passions of hair care and cooking? Sauce Beauty, which is a line of products that are inspired by recipes and crafted with proven ingredients that are beneficial for your hair and scalp.

One such intriguing product is the Hot Sauce Thermal Protectant. This spray helps protect and improve the texture of your hair and repairs any damage caused by heat while conditioning the hair without weighing it down. The secret “sauce” to this product comes in the form of cayenne pepper, which is thought to increase blood flow to the scalp, helping create a healthier environment for your hair.

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Other nourishing ingredients include aloe which contains a ton of vitamins and amino acids to condition hair, prevent itching and helps prevent breakage. Argan oil leaves hair feeling soft and smooth and two different types of silicones help provide anti-frizz properties and give intense conditioning to the hair.

Ideal for all hair types, this heat protectant works best when applied to hair prior to using any heat styling tools. It protects against heat damage up to 450 degrees and is color safe.

Sauce Beauty is described as “hair care for foodies” and is inspired by iconic recipes crafted from kitchens around the globe. The company believes in its products so much that they have even created  “TransHAIRency”  where every ingredient used is listed on the website and each comes with a description of what it is used for and why it was included in any particular recipe.


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