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Save 50% on Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrushes and Sparkle in the New Year

It’s almost time we turn the page to 2023, but it’s not too late to brush up on any habits we fell behind with this past year. Emphasize on brush up. If you skipped the dentist in the last 12 months, Oral-B is here to help you get back on track before ringing in the new year. The oral hygiene brand is giving you an early Christmas gift, taking 50% off on their popular Genius X Electric Toothbrushes.

Arriving in six cleaning modes, the Genius X-Limited toothbrush is powered with artificial intelligence, which instantly recognizes your brushing style and gives daily coaching to cover all areas evenly. Talk about revolutionary. We’ve seen a growing market for electric toothbrushes with unique capabilities that render them better than manual ones you picked up from Walgreens or CVS. And this one is no different, allowing you to take care of your pearly whites the way the dentist recommends.

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Save half off on this unique electric toothbrush powered by artificial intelligence and Bluetooth technology.

With Bluetooth technology and the use of a smartphone, you can keep tabs on your daily brushing habits using the Oral-B app and receive impressive insights on your brushing technique. Other notable elements include a rechargeable handle, brush head, charger, and travel case.

Genius X goes a step further, employing built-in sensors to provide feedback on which areas of your mouth that’ve been neglected. In addition, this toothbrush lets you personalize your brushing experience using a 360 SmartRing that illuminates when powered on and beams red when too much pressure is applied. And speaking of colors, if midnight black doesn’t suit you, available for purchase are other colorways, including purple and white.

We should know how crucial brushing our teeth thoroughly is in keeping with good oral health. That said, using an electric toothbrush is one of the easiest ways to control plaque and fight gingivitis. As 2022 is coming to an end, what better way to kick off the New Year than with new teeth — consider this an early new years resolution.