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This Self-Cleaning Hair Brush Is Actually Genius

* Patented self-cleaning hair brush
* Features a retraction system that instantly releases trapped hair
* Promotes healthy hair while keeping the brush free of bacteria and trapped hair

It’s hard enough to maintain your mane without fussing over a hair brush that’s riddled with hair, dust, bacteria and old products. That’s all about the change with Qwik-Clean Brush—a patented self-cleaning hair brush.

While most hair brushes tend to trap hair and residue, the Qwik-Clean Brush features a one-of-a-kind bristle retraction system that instantly releases trapped hair to keep the brush hygienic and make it easier to clean. Even better, it’s ready out of the box (no assembly required) and is 100% water-resistant.

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Did you know one hair follicle can hold 50,000 germs? What’s even scarier is that these harmful bacteria and parasites are probably sitting in your brush right now. The result? A funky smelling brush and possibly an irritated scalp.

Fortunately, the durable Qwik-Clean Brush boasts a world-patented technology design that cleans while promoting healthy hair. It styles, strengthens, de-tangles and creates shine by distributing oils from the scalp evenly across your hair.

Give the gift of healthy hair and scalp with the Qwik-Clean Brush. It’s an easy and effective solution for anyone who uses a brush on a daily basis.


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