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Get Back Time With This Palm-Sized Self-Haircut Kit

* For the guy who doesn’t have time for salon haircuts
* Charges in less than 4 hours with 40 minutes of run time
* Fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use

Time is a luxury. While you can’t buy more of it, you can buy things that may help you get some of it back, like food delivery services, or a palm-sized set of hair clippers like this set from Remington. This set is ideal for those always on the go and those with time management deficiencies.

The ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit will fit in one hand, and comes with just about everything you need for a quick cut or touch up. One full charge – which takes about 4 hours to recharge – will yield up to 40 minutes of use. If that isn’t enough time to get the job done the 5-minute quick charge feature should get you over the line.

The extra-wide curved stainless steel blades coupled with the nine length guide combs, offer a precise cut in a shorter amount of time then you’d expect. The whole device can be washed under the sink faucet, so traveling with the ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is a breeze.

If time is money, then you’d better add to cart and check out ASAP.