Get Back Time With This Palm-Sized Self-Haircut Kit

Get Back Time With Remington's Palm-Sized
Image courtesy of Remington

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* For the guy who doesn’t have time for salon haircuts
* Charges in less than 4 hours with 40 minutes of run time
* Fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to use

Time is a luxury. While you can’t buy more of it, you can buy things that may help you get some of it back, like food delivery services, or a palm-sized set of hair clippers like this set from Remington. This set is ideal for those always on the go and those with time management deficiencies.

Remington Hair Clippers Image courtesy of Remington

The ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit will fit in one hand, and comes with just about everything you need for a quick cut or touch up. One full charge – which takes about 4 hours to recharge – will yield up to 40 minutes of use. If that isn’t enough time to get the job done the 5-minute quick charge feature should get you over the line.

The extra-wide curved stainless steel blades coupled with the nine length guide combs, offer a precise cut in a shorter amount of time then you’d expect. The whole device can be washed under the sink faucet, so traveling with the ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is a breeze.

If time is money, then you’d better add to cart and check out ASAP.