Your Shaving Dreams Come True With This Heated Gel & Lather System

Conair Gel and Lather Heating System
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Warm foam softens your whiskers
* Get a soft, smooth and close shave every time
* No more nicks, bumps or ingrown hairs

It’s time to up your grooming game. That quick shave you do in the mornings before work just isn’t good enough. Besides the small nicks and ingrown hairs over time, you’re also not getting as close a shave as you would with some heat.

The Conair Gel and Lather Heating System instantly heats your favorite shaving cream into a warm foam that softens your whiskers, allowing you to shave your beard down to the skin’s surface in a slow, smooth swipe of the razor.

conairshave Image courtesy of Amazon

Less tugging and scraping means less cuts, of course, but it also means a smoother shave that no partner can resist. You can finally say goodbye to those painful razor bumps, not to mention the tiny cuts on your neck that bleed onto your collar before you’ve even noticed they were there.

Conair’s variable temperature control lets you maintain the consistency of the gel, while the indicator light tells you when your shaving cream is warm enough to use. Plus you’ll love how the nozzle lets you control the flow, eliminating waste if you’re prone to over pumping.

You’ve already graduated to a professional briefcase and polished shoes, now it’s time to turn shaving from a daily chore into a luxurious treat that leaves your face smooth, soft and flawless.

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