#Shelfie: 10 Prettiest Products to Display in Your Bathroom

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* Deck out your bathroom shelf—and Instagram— with these luxe toiletries
* From toothpaste to acne treatment, your everyday products don’t have to be lackluster
* These products aren’t just a pretty “face,” they’ve reached cult status for good reason

If you’re a beauty lover, you’ve likely noticed the emerging #shelfie trend on social media lately. The #shelfie or #topshelf hashtag corresponds to those alluring still-life snaps of stylishly curated bathroom shelves and medicine cabinets, showing off a collection of luxe beauty products. Into The Gloss’s popular “Top Shelf” feature undoubtedly helped the trend go viral, and beauty lovers of all levels are showing off their own stash of must-haves.

The bathroom has earned more attention recently in the interior design sector, so it’s a natural progression for toiletries that could double as a work of art. Plus, aside from their aesthetic appeal, these products aren’t just a pretty face either — they’re praised for their performance too.

1. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel

This all-natural astringent is infused with rose petals and aloe vera, leaving your skin feeling toned and clean without drying it out. Plus, its petal pink packaging has a vintage-inspired Art Nouveaux design that will look lovely on display in your medicine cabinet or vanity table.

[caption id="attachment_79236" align="aligncenter" width="571"]Thayers Rose water toner amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Marvis Natural Toothpaste

Marvis’ natural toothpaste not only leaves your teeth feeling minty fresh, but it’s also the most alluring toothpaste packaging we have ever seen. Available in a variety of different colors from lilac (jasmine mint) to black (licorice), the retro-inspired design elevates your dental hygiene and looks much more presentable than your average mass-produced toothpaste.

Marvis toothpaste amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu’s drying lotion shrinks whiteheads overnight without leaving your skin feeling cracked and irritated. If you’re suffering with adult acne and/or happen to be a sucker for pretty packaging, this affordable product is a must-have on hand for unexpected breakouts.


Mario Badescu drying lotion Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Glossier’s infamous stylish packaging—and use of millennial pink—make it a top choice for aesthetically-oriented products that look as good on display as they do on your face. Their best-selling priming moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated but not greasy, creating the ideal base for foundation.

glossier priming moisturizer Image courtesy of Glossier


5. Herbivore Spot Treatment Clay Mask

Acne isn’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean what you use to treat it can’t be. Herbivore’s minimalist packaging and innovative products give your skincare routine and your medicine cabinet a major upgrade. This clay treatment dries to the problem area, sucking out extra oils and helping heal spot quickly. Plus, its discreet labeling proves that your acne products don’t have to be flagrantly marked as such–they can proudly stand next to your designer perfume bottle.

Herbivore spot treatment clay mask amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Aesop Hand Cream

Aesop has become a cult favorite in the realm of luxury beauty and toiletries. Their simple packaging and clever branding make a statement, while maintaining a sense of refinement and taste. Plus, if you’ve never used their multifunctional creams, you’re seriously missing out. Some fancy products don’t live up to their hype, but this one does.

Aesop Hand cream amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Marble Vanity Tray

The ideal beauty flat lay starts with a luxe canvas–and marble has become the gold standard. Whether you want to take photos with it or not, this marble vanity tray offers a beautiful way to display your cosmetics, candles, and other items in any room in your house.

Marble vanity tray amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


8. SHOW Beauty Hair Oil

This glamorous product looks like a mix between a designer fragrance and a crystal whiskey decanter, but it’s actually for your hair. Infused with argon and jojoba oil, it strengthens the hair’s elasticity and moisturizes without weighing it down.

SHOW beauty hair oil Image courtesy of Dermstore


9. Diptyque Candle

A candle may not technically be a beauty product, but you’d be hard pressed to find a shelfie pic without a chic candle looming in the background. Diptyque’s sleek packaging and delicious fragrances have become a favorite among bloggers and beauty editors.

Diptyque candle amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

This cult favorite not only looks pretty in your bathroom, but this advanced retinol oil fights the signings of premature aging without the irritation and dryness that other retinoid products often cause. Sunday Riley’s luxury beauty products are known for their killer formulas that address an impressive range of skin concerns, but also for their curated branding that’s become a common sighting on social.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil Image courtesy of Sephora

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