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7 Beauty Products That Help You Take Care Of Your Nether Regions

* Skin care products often ignore more intimate areas
* Items specifically formulated for the “down there” area
* Includes body washes, lotions and oils for men and women

If you want to take care of the skin on your body and face, there is a wealth of products on the market for that purpose. Thousands of skin care items are made specifically for keeping those areas of skin in the best condition possible. Now, the skin care craze has made its way down south, with a wide range of beauty products for your nether regions becoming available for men and women.

Check out these 7 beauty products for both male and female genitalia, and learn how to make your nether regions look better than ever.

1. SweetSpot Labs Vanilla Blossom Feminine Body Wash

Tested and recommended by gynecologists, the SweetSpot Labs Body Wash is made for washing your whole body. It boasts a 97% natural ingredient mix, and has a balanced pH to ensure it’s friendly to your skin. The body wash has also been tested on areas that are the most sensitive. In addition, the SweetSpot Labs Body Wash is free from parabens, glycerin and phthalates.

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2. Fresh Balls Lotion for Men

For men, a sweaty undercarriage can be an uncomfortable and smelly situation. And while it’s possible to deal with it using messy, talc-filled powders, a dry downstairs is often accompanied by clumpy results.

is a self-explanatory lotion, which is applied as a soothing cream to your downstairs area. It then dries as a cooling powder and helps to prevent chafing and any wetness. 

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3. Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Vmagic

It turns out that you should really be carrying 2 different lipsticks in your purse.

 is a feminine balm made to look after your vagina and protect your sensitive skin from the parallels that the lips on your head face, too. Available in stick form and in a jar, Vmagic fights the dryness, sensitivity and imbalances in skin pH, which are all common problems experienced by women. This easy-to-apply product helps to provide immediate relief and restore a healthy environment, so you can get on with your day without interruption. 

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4. The Honey Pot Normal Feminine Wash

With its 99% natural formula and the absence of any toxic chemicals, this Honey Pot Feminine Wash was made to give recent and expectant mothers a feminine wash gentle enough for postpartum. The plant-based product is made for external use to banish odors, balance pH levels and increase moisture levels in the regions you need it most. 

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5. Man1 Man Oil

You won’t find the promise of improved penile health on many skin care products. But, with the ability to soothe dry, red and itchy skin,

is worth adding to your grooming arsenal. It’s also not just about maintaining the health of your downstairs region. Man1 Man Oil can also improve sensitivity for enhanced intimacy in the bedroom. 

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6. The Perfect V Shades of V Luminizer

The highlighter trend that took over the makeup world this year, has made its way to the bikini area The Perfect V Shades of V Luminizer moisturizers and illuminates the bikini area (not for actually for use on the vagina). After a light covering of the antioxidant and vitamin E-filled cream, the product will dry to leave your skin looking illuminated. The included elderflower also acts to soothe your skin for an ultra-pleasant experience.  

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7. Fur Oil

When dealing with your intimate areas, there is one additional aspect that is often hard to ignore – pubic hair. There are many ways to deal with it, including complete removal, but for those who style it, trim it or even just let it loose, keeping it soft and ingrown hair-free is certainly preferential. Fur Pubic Hair Oil is a 100% natural and unisex product that can be used on not only hair down there, but also on beards, the underarms, and chest hair. The luxe oil contains anti-bacterial grape seed extract, jojoba oils, tea tree oils and clary sage seed oil soften your hair, clear pores and reduce inflammation.

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