J-Beauty: This Rice Enzyme Powder Is an Exfoliant for All Skin Types

Polished: Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder
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* Luxury solution for uneven skintone, large pores and uneven texture
* Non-irritating ingredients and cruelty-free
* A gentle and soothing option for all skin types

If you had to choose one facial skin care product that would, without fail, give you polished, baby soft skin every time you used it, our choice would be an exfoliator. Regular exfoliation of your skin will eliminate the dead skin cells that pile up, which often leave your face looking dull and result in uneven pores and texture.

The latest option on the market is TATCHA’s Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, which is a creamy, water-activated powder exfoliant that releases debris from the skin, leaving it with a smooth, radiant finish. Formulated with nourishing Japanese rice bran blended with licorice root and papaya extracts, it reduces the look of fine lines, addresses uneven skintone, hyper-pigmentation and breakouts.

The powder also contains a proprietary pearl protein extract that conditions and balances the skin, while the natural exfoliants in the ingredients gently polish. Another bonus is that this powder can also function as a two-in-one cleanser for those who choose not to wear make-up.

TATCHA is a luxury skincare brand with even more alluring origins. Founded on the premise that Japan’s geisha have been held in awe for their enduring wisdom and beautiful, porcelain skin, TATCHA has rediscovered and is sharing the geisha’s wisdom and their coveted daily regimes from a 200-year old manuscript. These beauty secrets have been incorporated into their products, utilizing the very best green teas, Okinawa red algae and rice bran.

TATCHA products are formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and are cruelty free. It is suitable for both sensitive and combination skin. Furthermore, your purchase of any TATCHA skin care item will send a girl to school for a day in developing countries, through their “Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures” partnership.

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