These Rose Quartz Eye Flownies Are The New Jade Roller

Eye Flowies: Skin Gym's Latest Tool
Image Courtesy Urban Outfitters
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* Soothe and de-puff the eyes
* Lift and tighten around the eye area
* Enhances product absorption

Rose crystal quartz has been popping up everywhere in the skin care sector lately due to its powerful healing properties, as well as being known (metaphysically) for opening, healing and activating the heart chakra and the bodies’ energies. Its many wellness benefits can help us to connect with our emotional being, relaxing the spirit, mind and of course, our muscles. In that vein, we bring you Skin Gym’s Rose Quartz Eye Flowies. These interesting-looking devices are a pair of hand-carved massage tools that can be used for the face and eye area to de-puff, soothe, firm and brighten skin.

In addition to soothing and de-puffing, the Flowies can be used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, lift, tighten around the brow area and enhance product absorption due to stimulating blood flow in the face and giving facial tissues and muscles a “workout.”

Rose Quartz Eye Flowies Skin Gym Image Courtesy Urban Outfitters

In order to see these plentiful benefits, its important to incorporate Skin Gym’s suggested workout routine into your daily skin regimen. After applying your oil and/or serum, focus the tools around the cheeks, under the eye, brow and jaw area and use light movements to glide the tool up and towards the ears for two minutes. For an extra refreshing workout, place them in the refrigerator a few minutes or hours prior to use.

Skin Gym’s mission is to go back to the basics, cutting out the needles and fancy tools while advocating for a natural, authentic and healthy customer. Their motto is that just like your workout your body, you also need to workout your face.


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