By Cutting Out Dentists, Smile Brilliant Offers Pro Teeth Whitening for Less

Smile Brilliant tooth whitening
Courtesy of Smile Brilliant

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Few things are more attractive than a smile highlighted by pearly white teeth. But the everyday wear and tear of drinking coffee, teas, juices and wine can take its toll, causing stubborn stains. Thankfully, there’s a solution that doesn’t require spending a fortune or heading to the dentist while still providing professional-level teeth whitening. With Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays, you can easily lift away stains and yellowing for a fraction of the traditional in-office price.

In recent years, there’s been an explosion of DTC companies offering boutique services, and that includes the dental space. You’re probably already familiar with teeth straightening programs like Smile Direct Club, which provide lower prices by eliminating the need for you to visit physical storefronts. Smile Brilliant makes the same promise, and it has some of the most affordable professional teeth whitening prices we’ve ever seen.

The brand’s tagline is “Teeth whitening trays backed by science. From dental lab to your door,” which sums up their process. Smile Brilliant operates similarly to direct-to-consumer teeth straightening programs like Smile Direct Club, where you order a kit, make your dental impressions, and ship them to Smile Brilliant’s lab via prepaid postage.

The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening lab then uses the dental impressions to make custom-fitted trays that fit your mouth exactly. When you receive your trays, add the accompanying professional teeth whitening and wear them for 7-14 sessions to see amazing results. Head to the Smile Brilliant website to see the impressive before-and-after results.

Teeth Whitening Trays Courtesy of Smile Brilliant


Smile Brilliant: How It Works

When Smile Brilliant candidates begin the process, they are asked to select the whitening option that best suits their needs. The website guides you through the process, allowing you to choose between a sensitive or nonsensitive treatment plan. Once that is decided, you select your stain level with heavy stains, average stains or light stains as options. Prices vary along this spectrum of treatment plans, which range from $149 and $189 for a full treatment plan.

Teeth Whitnening System Courtesy of Smile Brilliant


The best thing about Smile Brilliant’s whitening system is the time and money you’ll save by cutting down on dentist office visits. It costs 70% less than traditional in-office whitening and arrives at your doorstep quickly.

All of this is backed by a 45-day guarantee, which offers a full refund if you are unsatisfied within that timeframe. So with Smile Brilliant, there’s nothing to lose.


Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System Courtesy of Smile Brilliant


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