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Something to Smile About: The $25 Electric Toothbrush From SmileDirectClub

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Electric toothbrushes have so many advantages over manual ones: They’re better at removing plaque, easier on your gums and most have built-in timers to make sure you give your choppers the recommended two minutes of cleaning time.

So why are the old-fashioned ones still so much more common? They have the biggest advantage of all: price. Good electric toothbrushes are, well, pricey. And so are their replacement heads. The manual ones? Shoot, your dentist hands those out for free.

Leave it to SmileDirectClub to make the math work. The fast-growing Invisalign alternative and oral-health company has released its own electric toothbrush, complete with a 3-in-1 case, for just $25. Tack on the automatic brush head and battery replacement subscription service for just $5 per refill every three months and a great deal now borders on unbeatable. You can finally ditch that disposable plastic toothbrush, which is also horrible for the environment.

SmileDirectClub has been breaking down price barriers in oral healthcare since 2014 with its clear-aligner program and rave-reviewed line of teeth-whitening kits and accessories. An electric toothbrush with all of the benefits of its far-more-expensive shelf mates but at a fraction of the cost was the logical next step.

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Courtest of SmileDirect

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We love the 3-in-1 case, which acts as a counter stand, magnetic mirror mount or travel cover. Whichever way you choose to deploy it, it takes up less space than most electric toothbrushes. And as travel goes, the SmileDirectClub Electric Toothbrush weighs a mere 2.3 ounces and runs for up to three months on a single AAA battery. At just $25, you can take the money you’d normally spend on a good electric toothbrush and buy two from SmileDirectClub, one for your bathroom and one for your Dopp kit.

The SmileDirectClub Electric Toothbrush head has a unique 3-bristle blend to softly scrub away plaque and debris, while gently cleaning and massaging your gums without scouring them into recession, which is easy to do with a manual toothbrush. The brush head is angled to allow access to even the furthest-recessed molars and includes a tongue scraper to protect you from bad breath.

Remember, SmileDirectClub started out with its own affordable aligner system. You know their toothbrush was designed with oral appliances in mind, and their Club Edition Electric Toothbrush comes with a head specifically made to work around aligners.

There’s only one cleaning mode, which is great if you’re like us and easily confused by the multiple settings of many high-end electric toothbrushes. (How about Brush Mode? What else do you need?) And the 30-second quadrant timer reminds you to switch from one part of your mouth to another until your recommended two minutes are complete.

The SmileDirectClub Electric Toothbrush is available in Blurple or Graphite brushed metal. Out only since January, it’s been getting outstanding reviews. It’s hard to see how an electric toothbrush created by a cutting-edge oral health company like SmileDirectClub, which comes in at only $25, can be anything other than a fantastic deal.