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Slow the Signs of Aging With a Snail Mucin and Bee Venom Sheet Mask

* Brighten, smooth, moisturize and fight aging with this one powerful mask
* Formulated with bee venom and snail mucin
* Comes with 10 full-face sheet masks

While ingredients like bee venom and snail mucin may sound at worst, like natural poisons to be avoided, and at best, well, just a bit icky, we’re here to assure you they’re neither. These ingredients have long been used in Asian skincare products to help brighten complexions and fights the signs of aging. Given the growing popularity of Korean beauty products across the pond, bee venom and snail mucin are becoming increasingly mainstream in the West as well.

It’s not hard to understand how so many have moved past the theoretical weirdness of snail slime in their beauty products once you find out just what’s in it: a potent combination of elastin, proteins, antimicrobials, copper peptides, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid — basically a super, super-ingredient in a class all its own.

Bee venom, on the other hand, tricks the skin into believing it’s been stung, increasing the production of collagen and blood circulation. If that sounds a little masochistic, it’s also something of a super-ingredient, too. Within the venom are powerful enzymes, peptides and amino acids.

With all of these elements in play, the list of benefits is just as long: Use this snail mucin bee venom sheet mask to tag team dark spots, acne, acne scars, fine lines, dry skin, sagging skin and dull skin. Sound like a lot? Well, probably. But seeing as our faces are the only ones we’ll have, we might as well keep any signs of age to a snail’s pace.

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