Snail Slime is a K-Beauty Skin Care Staple: Here’s Why

snail mucin skin care benefits
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* This unusual K-beauty ingredient actually works
* Repairs, moisturizes, and combats fine lines
* No Snails are harmed during the process

Snail slime or snail mucin to be more accurate, has been used in K-Beauty skin care products for a while now, and is becoming more popular and mainstream in recent years. According to experts, snail mucin’s main benefit for the skin (in concentrated form) is as a hydrating ingredient and helping seal in moisture. Other benefits include improving skin texture and quality, offering anti-aging properties, and reducing the appearance of acne scars and  hyperpigmentation.

With all these benefits, we have rounded up a few of our favorite products in different forms that contain snail mucin to get you on your way to smoother, plumper and more glowy skin.

1. Benton Snail Bee Essence

Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Essence is a powerful product that packs 90% snail extract and bee venom instead of water. This formulation helps to heal scars, brighten skin tone and maintain hydration levels throughout the day. While the snail mucin works to support natural cell regeneration and replenish moisture for firmness, bee venom has natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral properties. With so much powerful goodness in one product, this fragrance-free, gel-like essence is not to be missed.

Snail Bee Essence Benton Image Courtesy Amazon


2. MIZON Snail Repair Ampoule

With 80% concentration of snail mucus extract, MIZON’s best-selling Snail Repair is another great contender in the snail mucin race (just look at the impressive reviews). This ampoule provides anti-aging benefits including minimizing the appearance of acne scars, brightening and firming the skin. This high-concentrated formula has a sticky, thick and elastic texture like honey that will deliver the nutrition fast. Other ingredients include peptides and hyaluronic acid for the ultimate in repair and protection.

Snail Repair Mizon Image courtesy of Amazon


3. SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask

Combining snail secretion filtrate with a hydrogel-coated mask creates the perfect solution for your moisture, hydration and rejuvenation. Skederm’s Snail Jelly Mask also contains hyaluronic and glycolic acids, enzymes and peptides to lock in moisture, increase skin elasticity and soften fine lines with continued use.

Snail Jelly Mask Skederm Image Courtesy Amazon


4. COSRX Snail All In One Cream

COSRX’s Snail Cream is an advanced snail-infused all-in-one cream and moisturizer that supports natural regeneration of damaged skin, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. When used as your daily moisturizer, this cream will moisturize while treating irritation and improving uneven skin tone. Use as the final step in your skin care routine to naturally enhance a healthy glow.

Snail Cream Cosrx Image Courtesy Ulta


5. Kenra Snail CC Creme

The Kenra Snail CC Creme is a cream for your hair that is enriched with snail essence. It functions similar to a CC Cream for the face, as it addresses multiple areas for improvement including dulling, thinning, breakage, frizz, dryness, elasticity, porosity, scalp irritation, and coarse texture. These culprits all contribute to aging of the hair and use of this creme will weightlessly restore and prolong its youth while keeping it healthy and shiny.

Snail CC Cream Kenra Image Courtesy Ulta