Increase Your Suds and Save Your Soap with the Sud Stud Shower Scrubber

Sud Stud Shower Scrubber
Courtesy of Sud Stud

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As soap has become somewhat hard to come by in recent times, using it wisely and sparingly, while maintaining cleanliness, has become the optimal balance to strike.

You want to get nice and clean without wasting soap, and we’ve found a nifty little device to help you do just that. Introducing the Sud Stud, a shower scrubber designed to increase suds by 250% without wasting a bit of your bar.

The honeycomb design reduces the growth of bacteria, creates suds on suds and gives you the deep, exfoliating clean you want.

Sud Stud Shower Scrubber Courtesy of Sud Stud
Sud Stud Shower Scrubber Courtesy of Sud Stud

It comes in four different colors and is compatible with nearly all soap bars as it can expand up to 200% of its original size without sacrificing efficiency.

Its hexagonal shape enables it to transition between rectangular, square, round and oval-shaped soap bars easily and adjust to irregularly sized bars as well as they change in size with use.

Inside there are five pillars that hold the soap in place and allow the Sud Stud to maintain its shape while you grip and squeeze while cleaning. Plus, you never need to worry about the soap slipping from your hands again. There are also six circular bumps on the outside of the device that allow water to drain and the soap to dry faster after cleaning, eliminating bacterial growth and lost suds.

The Sud Stud is made with antimicrobial silicone and has two different textures on either side — one rougher surface for deeper exfoliation and a gentler side for less intense scrubbing and more sensitive skin.