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This $25 Conditioning Kit Promises To Keep Your Tattoos Vibrant, Moisturized and Protected From The Sun

* Sunscreen for your ink to prevent tattoos from fading
* Includes tattoo-protecting broad spectrum SPF 45
* Plus a nourishing, moisturizing oil to keep it looking vibrant

Tattoos are, ideally, the sort of things that are designed to last a lifetime, so to help them continue looking their best and most vibrant, why not take care of them as you do the rest of your skin? You already know to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and luckily, there’s a conditioning kit that can help you anti-age your tattoos too. This kit will help protect the ink, as well as the skin that’s holding it, from UV damage and the effects of dryness and peeling.

Designed for use on fully healed tattoos of any age older than about two weeks, this kit from Jack Black supplies a specially formulated SPF 45 tattoo sunscreen and a moisturizing nourishing oil, to help keep your skin vibrant and prevent those colors from running, or fading away.

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Courtesy Nordstrom

Keep that novelty Betty Boop or Page pin-up figure looking as youthful as she did when the sailor first drew her, and keep your “Black Flag” logo from your punk rock days from turning into a “gray flag,” with the oil-free UV-protecting lotion in this kit.

Then, once you’ve applied the tattoo sunscreen, give it a few drops of the moisturizing oil to help revitalize your skin, and ink too. This way, you can prove the naysayers wrong and have your tattoos of any age still looking as cool as the day you got them. Well, perhaps unless you got one of those meaningless or miswritten kanji tattoos from the 90s. Or a Maori culture-appropriating “tribal” pattern, without, you know, being Maori.

Travel-sized for portability, stash these in your bag the next time you hit the road, lay out by the pool or head to the beach, to protect your ink from the elements.

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