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Why Tea Tree is the Rejuvenating Essential Oil Men Should Look for in Their Skincare

* A natural plant-derived ingredient to rejuvenate skin
* Tea tree purifies and fights reoccurring acne
* Smells fresh and minty, not floral and fruity 

If you are looking for natural skin remedies to combat blemishes, fight bacteria and reduce redness then tea tree oil might be your next bestie. For men specifically, this rejuvenating oil has a powerful effect on stubborn skin problems and can be used as a spot treatment directly onto face all while leaving you with a refreshing and tingly-feeling face. Tea tree is derived from an Australian plant that has been used for centuries as a healing remedy for skin issues. Products from brands like Biossance and Dessert Essence who aim to use healthy and balancing ingredients have implemented the germ-fighting qualities of tea tree into their skincare meant to help balance and restore oily skin. We love when men’s facecare can be as effective as women’s products but without the floral and fruity scents and these three brands have targeted in on the purifying benefits of tea tree oil while offering a minty cool scent for manly skincare that actually works.

1. Biossance Tea Tree Balancing Oil

This calming face oil from the eco-friendly brand, Biossance, is designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes, enlarged pores and common imperfections that most people deal with. Made with the added benefit of squalane, which maintains the skins natural moisture, as well as rosemary to balance facial oils and minimize oxidation for healthy, clear and fresh-smelling skin.

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2. Acne Treatment Mask

This super fact-acting sulfur mask infuses potent tea tree oil to fight acne and prevent breakouts down the line. With ingredients like Zinc PCA and natural bentonite clay, the mask is perfect for those who tend to break out on their face and need a preventative and pure treatment to add to their skincare regimen.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. Desert Essence Face Wash

This 100% natural Dessert Essence face and body wash is an all-in-one shower staple that infuses tea tree, Hawaiian ginger, and chamomile for super hydrated and refreshed skin—everywhere. Use this as a daily face wash to keep skin tight and cleansed for continual health and wellness that shows on the outside.

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