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This Tinted Moisturizer Is Another Multitasking Must-Have From Dr. Jart+

* Provides intense UV hydration and blemish coverage
* Sheer coverage for a naturally flawless look
* Gentle enough for sensitive skin

From the brand that arguably started the BB cream craze, Dr. Jart+ introduces a whole new skincare collection just as innovative as the BB breakthrough. Infused with their latest skin-perfecting ingredient, Ceramidin, the range features products from lip balms to body creams, created to deeply hydrate the skin with a blend of essential lipids. But one product that stands out for its versatility is the Ceramidin Day Tint SPF 15, a tinted moisturizer that goes on light as air and protects from drying even hours after application.

Suitable even for sensitive skin, this multi-action formula goes on weightlessly, with a sheer coverage that’s incredibly natural looking. It’s pigmented light enough to blur any imperfections on its own, or can be worn under a BB cream for added moisture and coverage. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, the Day Tint protects with SPF 15.

The product gets its name Ceramidin from its ceramide-based moisturizing properties. These essential lipids are found in the surface layer of the skin, helping your skin retain moisture and retaining elasticity. Unfortunately, these natural ceramide concentrations decrease as we age, hence dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. Fortunately, Dr. Jart+ has created an entire range of products to replenish what’s been lost with time. And with the Day Tint, get the bonus of a complexion-perfecting boost good enough to tag your photos #nofilter.

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