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This Tom Ford Body Spray Is Vacation in a Bottle

* Inspired by endless summers and days spent laying in the sun
* Balanced concoction of sweetness, woodiness and citrus
* New fragrance layers reveal themselves as the day goes on

Tom Ford’s Private Blend fragrance collection contains some of the most delicious fragrances on the market, making use of unusual notes that defy mainstream scents. A designer and acclaimed director, Ford’s unapologetic evocation of sensuality manifests in virtually all of his creative endeavors, and his fragrance collection is certainly no exception.

The Private Blend collection is an artisan fragrance collection with a variety of unisex fragrances, each meant to blur the lines between gender constructs. Each fragrance is composed of a single base note extract that results in a highly concentrated formula, complexly layered to gradually unfold notes throughout the day.

The newest launch to the Private Blend collection, “Soleil Blanc,” won Allure’s Best of Beauty award in 2016. This tantalizing scent is now offered in a lighter body spray formula that is optimal for warmer weather in spring and summer and is ideal for those who prefer a more subdued fragrance. This low-maintenance body spray can be layered with other perfumes, if desired.

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Inspired by endless summers and days spent laying in the sun on private islands, Soleil Blanc’s blend of sweet and woody notes smells like a St. Barth vacation packaged in a bottle. This seductive fragrance references the sweet coconut scents often found in tanning oils and beachy cocktails, leaving us longing for a sun-drenched getaway.

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The balanced concoction of sweetness, woodiness and citrus is more muted than many of Ford’s notoriously complex fragrances. The primary notes in this fragrance include bergamot, cardamom and pistachio, with a white floral base note wrapped in amber-sandalwood. Although this formula is less concentrated than its perfume counterpart, the scent wears beautifully. For hours after its been applied, new fragrance layers and hidden notes reveal themselves gradually.

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The lightweight consistency of this spray seems appropriately matched to suit the carefree summertime lifestyle that inspired it. While a heavy eau de parfum (above, $225) is suitable for winter and fall, summer months call for a more relaxed approach to beauty and fragrance. This body spray will mist on the body evenly and absorb into your skin quickly.

Veering away from generic scent profiles, Soleil Blanc Body Spray epitomizes Ford’s keen sensibility for evoking sophistication and luxury, always underscored with a hint of sensuality. This body spray is a must-have for those who desire a luxuriously refined fragrance with the ease and versatility of a body spray.

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