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This Is Not Your Mother’s Mayo Hair Mask

* Supplies nutrition and hydration to dry hair
* Smooths split ends
* Hair will look shiny and healthy

K-Beauty, or Korean Beauty, has made a big splash on the skincare, makeup, bath and body categories as of late. Their innovative products, fun packaging and affordability have made this genre the latest talk of the town.

One of the most popular K-Beauty brands is TONYMOLY. They are among the leading Korean cosmetics companies. With products that run the gamut from head-to-toe, one standout is their highly coveted and highly rated Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack. Haeyo Mayo is a creamy hair mask that gives moisture and shine to dry, damaged hair.

The mask is specially formulated with shea Butter and macadamia seed oils to hydrate and moisturize dry and brittle hair. Egg yolk extract nourishes and smoothes to leave your hair looking shiny and healthy. After shampooing, simply apply the mask to your hair, wait 3 minutes and rinse. Not only will your hair shine to the heavens, it will smell like a sweet blend of vanilla and macadamia nuts.

Launched in 2006, TONYMOLY has already become a household name in South Korea and is now ready to conquer the Korean beauty trend stateside. With product development capabilities that integrate quality and unique packaging, TONYMOLY is committed to perfecting skincare through continuous research and ethical practices. Fusing fun ideas with outstanding products is what sets TONYMOLY a step above the rest.

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