This Compact Travel Electric Razor is a Suave Jet Setter

This USB Travel Electric Razor is
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* Charges with flip-out USB connector
* Compact size
* Elegant and easy to carry

This compact travel electric razor is smaller than a smartphone or a deck of cards and fits neatly in just about any pocket. Made by Shavetech, it boasts a strong motor, sharp, high-quality blades made of stainless steel and a unique, travel-friendly USB charging system.

The flip-out USB charger plugs into any USB port, such as those on computers, portable battery packs and many late model cars. This way, the Shavetech travel electric razor can work internationally as well, and without the need for a separate travel outlet adapter, making it a super-convenient addition to your grooming kit.

USB Travel Electric Razor

A removable cap adds to the sleek, modern appearance, and the design itself is high end, both elegant and minimal. Lacking the plasticky look and feel of many compact electric razors, this Shavetech USB electric razor instead resembles a bottle of cologne or fragrance.

A small button engages the pop-out USB charger, which otherwise sits flush with the device, and after a 12-hour initial charge, the USB electric razor will fully recharge in about three to four hours with a USB 2.0 connection.

Once charged, the battery of this 3.9-inch tall device is good for several days’ worth of shaving. It also gives surprisingly smooth, strong and consistent shaving performance given its minuscule size. In that way, the Shavetech travel electric razor is one of the best kind of travel accessories– the kind you can keep on using at home long after your trip is over.

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