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This Portable Razor Is Changing The Way Women Shave

* Enjoy on-the-go shaving with this handy razor
* Features a built-in water spritzer, moisturizing bar and two individual razor blades
* Ideal for carrying in a handbag or glove compartment for any shaving emergencies

Imagine being out at a party and realizing you missed a spot shaving. What choice do you have, except to just hope that no one else notices? That would be your only recourse unless you have the Sphynx Portable Razor.

This handy device is small enough to keep in your handbag or glove compartment, but big enough to deal with all your shaving emergencies. It’s comprised of everything you need to make on-site touch ups to save you any embarrassments.

The travel razor has a discrete disc design with one cap. This opens to reveal one of the four included options – two razors, one mister and one shaving bar. As you turn the central dial, you work around between the built-in water spritzer, pre-shave moisturizing bar and the two individual razor blades. The clever design lends itself to quick and effective shaving.

For the ultimate in convenience, the Sphynx razor is carry-on friendly for both domestic and international travel. You never have to worry about going through security with it in your bag or packing another, bigger razor for your trip.

Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors including black, blue and purple, so you can match it to the rest of your makeup essentials. You can also change out blunt razor blades and the pre-shave bar when required. Refills are available for purchase through


While the ease and compactness of the Sphynx razor makes it great for touch ups and emergencies, it’s also ideal for people who are always on the move. It works well as your traveling razor, weekend away razor, overnight at your new boyfriend’s house razor or even just a gym razor.

You’ll never have to worry about shaving mistakes as long as you keep the Sphynx Portable Razor by your side.