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This Contraption Allows You to Trim Your Bangs Evenly Without Going to a Salon

* Use this tool to trim your bangs in the comfort of your home
* The product was originally pitched on Shark Tank
* The clip safely and securely keeps your hair in place

If you’ve recently taken the plunge into cutting bangs, you may be frustrated at having to go to the hairdresser every three weeks for a trim. You may have been tempted to trim them at home, which can often lead to uneven results with an uncanny resemblance to Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. Fortunately,

has created a product designed to help you avoid these pitfalls. It’s a hair clip that fastens securely to your fringe to help you achieve an even line without cutting it too short. The tool has comb-like teeth, so it won’t harm your hair, and a smooth, curve-edged clip that’s easy for your scissors to follow.

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It works with a variety of hairstyles, and its ease of use means that you can use it to cut your own hair, or get a friend to assist you. Use it to keep your layers even, or just freshen up your cut. The product was originally pitched on Shark Tank, where it was presented by CreaProducts CEO Mai Lieu, winner of over 7 international hairdressing awards.