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CK All Is the Unisex Fragrance That’s Forward Thinking (and Fresh to Death)

* The latest from fragrance giant Calvin Klein
* Universally attractive scent works for all genders
* Citrus, green tea and rhubarb notes

Calvin Klein has a history of being bold and progressive. One of their latest releases is CK All, a unisex fragrance that continues the brand’s signature social awareness and ability to pioneer new directions while always maintaining the edginess its customers expect.

CK One, the

, was introduced in 1994 and received much acclaim for its bold character and scent. CK All, the latest release, is inspired by the current departure from gender norms, a movement that has dominated the fashion world for several seasons. 

As with gender fluidity in fashion, CK All blurs the lines by replacing identifying gender markers with fragrances that are universally attractive. Citrus blossom and paradisone are at the forefront, with a core of amber, lily, rhubarb and musk. Green tea notes add refreshing accent throughout the scent.

The universal appeal of this fragrance makes it a perfect gift, or a great replacement that will provide a fresh, distinctive upgrade to your signature scent no matter your gender. Order yours today. 

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