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Nailed It: 3 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Manicure

* Simple solutions for salon-quality results
* Fun and innovative products to help care and condition nails
* Do it yourself at home

For those who love manicures, there’s no better feeling than pampering yourself to a relaxing buffing, moisturizing, massaging and polishing session at your local salon. However, if you’re trying to save money or are too busy to make an extra stop, we’ve compiled three helpful yet not-so-common solutions to perfect your at-home manicures that could pass as professional — all for under $10.

1. Nail Dryer Spray by Onyx Professional

You’ve just finished your fabulous manicure and feel proud of your work until…you accidentally smear your freshly coated nails on your clothes or purse. Onyx Professional and their delicious island coconut-scented Nail Dryer Spray quickly dries nails and prevents smearing. Its unique formula also conditions nails and cuticles and is a go-to spray for professional nail salons everywhere. Think of it as a finishing protective coat for your nails.


2. Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

If you’re looking for an adorable way to dry your nails, the Monkey Nail Polish Dryer will blow competitors away thanks to its multi-functional, unique and easy-to-use design. Measuring at 8.5cm x 10cm x 9.1cm, this adorable dryer features a dual drying function so you can dry both your fingers and toes. It is also suitable for drying nail art decorations and freshly coated nail polish. Simply press on the plate of bananas and the monkey will blow cool air that will dry your nail polish automatically. This playful battery-powered dryer makes a great gift for all ages and, when not in use, it doubles as a fun decoration for your room or bathroom.


3. Nail Polish Remover Caps by Highrock

Removing old nail polish can be a time-consuming, acetone-filled job. To save you time and money, Highrock’s #1 best seller item on Amazon, the Nail Polish Remover Cap was designed with convenience in mind. Place the caps over your nails and fill it with your favorite nail polish remover; wait 10-15 minutes and your nail polish will practically glide off with a swipe of a cotton ball. This can also be used to remove gel polish as well.

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