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The Coveted Dyson Hair Dryer: Now Available in a Special, Limited Edition

* Limited-edition set created exclusively for Mother’s Day
* Helps prevent heat damage to protect natural shine
* Lightweight and balanced for comfortable use

In case you were not aware, the company that brought us many of the greatest technological breakthroughs and futuristic looking products such as vacuum cleaners, fans and heaters has created the ultimate hair dryer. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, the first of its kind, is a dryer with a high-speed, powerful, brushless digital motor and intelligent heat control for shine.

The latest offering is the Special Limited Edition set created exclusively for Mother’s Day. This special edition contains all the same great features of the original set, except you get the added bonus of a pink leather travel case exclusively designed by the founder, James Dyson.

This hair dryer is perfect for all hair types and the intelligent heat control technology functions like a mini computer all contained in the handle of the hair dryer. The temperature is measured 20 times per second and transmits this data to the microprocessor to intelligently control the patented compact heating element from reaching extreme, hair damaging temperatures. The digital motor is on average six times faster, a third of the weight and half the size of other hair dryer motors.

Treat yourself or your mom this upcoming Mother’s day with this special edition set which includes the hairdryer, diffuser attachment, smoothing nozzle attachment, non-slip mat, storage hanger, styling concentrator and most importantly, the limited edition pink travel case to help store your Dyson dryer when you’re on the road.

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