Manscape On-The-Go: Prep For Your Next Trip With One of These Vegan Dopp Kits

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* Skip the leather dopp kits and opt for a vegan option instead
* Functional toiletry kits made from canvas, cork and silicone
* Keep your man-tools at the ready 

Traditional dopp kits are made with sturdy leather that is meant to last years, but if you are looking for a more eco-friendly vegan option that is still made to last, these three options are your answer. Toiletry bags are supposed to be stocked and ready to go in case you need to fly out the door for a last minute meeting or hop on the next flight for an impromptu trip. So, we chose these bags with the consideration that you would be traveling with them and so they needed to hold up to rugged adventures and accidental spills. And because the modern man who is concerned about eco-friendly materials and products is always on the hunt for alternative designs, we chose toiletry kits made from canvas, vegan leather and even a cork material.

These are not your father’s dopp kits although they will absolutely hold your shaving supplies, over-night creams, toothbrushes and travel essentials at-home and on the road.

1. Men’s Canvas Dopp Kit

This well-made toiletry bag features double-stitching and a waterproof lining. It has a similar sophisticated look to the more traditional men’s toiletry bags but is made out of canvas with stylish vegan leather trim instead of animal. Plus, it has a side pocket on the outside for easy-to-grab essentials and multiple pockets on the interior for the obsessive organizer.

Canvas Toiletry Bag Courtesy of Amazon



2. Silicone & Leak-Resistant Toiletry Kit

We appreciate this super tough and completely leak-free silicone bag as an alternative to the leather ones, which can stain and look aged over the years. Made from a single piece of durable silicone and water-resistant zipper this bag is the modern answer to a travel kit for men who are apt to go on more adventurous outings than an all-inclusive resort. The bag can be taken anywhere as it will stand up to wet conditions and accidental spills as well as rigorous backpacking treks around the great outdoors.

Silicone & Leak-Resistant Toiletry Kit Courtesy of Amazon

3. Genuine Cork & Canvas Toiletry Bag

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials you can find, so of course, we chose a dopp kit crafted from the natural cork fabric. No stress though, because the bag is lined with nylon so it’s easy to clean if products spill out inside. Handmade in California, the bag supports the concept of shopping locally and has a rather sleek and beach-friendly vibe to it.

Genuine Cork & Canvas Toiletry Bag Courtesy of Amazon