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Top 5 Best Washcloths That Won’t Irritate Your Face

* These washcloths are designed for those with sensitive skin
* Choose from plain options and options with incorporated lather
* Many come with multiple towels included

For those with sensitive skin, finding the right washcloth can be a game of Russian Roulette. Spy has found five great options for you, from reliable brands like Boscia and The Body Shop. With materials ranging from Bamboo to microfiber, you can check out our top picks below.

1. Sinland Premium Microfiber Washcloth – EDITOR’S CHOICE

This washcloth has an incorporated waffle weave, which will help exfoliate and cleanse your skin — without irritating it. It’s also fast-drying, which helps prevent mold and mildew from developing.

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Image Courtesy of Sinland


2. Luxury Bamboo Facial Washcloths – BEST REVIEW

Made from 100% bamboo fiber, these cloths are also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Each package comes with six washcloths, all wrapped in a foil-trimmed box.

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Image Courtesy of Loran


3. Daily Concepts Your Facial Micro Scrubber

If you prefer something smaller, this micro-scrubber is filled with a soy-based foam material that develops into a rich lather when wet. It also has a suction cup attached so you can easily hang it on shower walls without exposing it to bacteria, and it especially comes in handy when traveling or heading to the gym.

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Image Courtesy of Daily Concepts


4. The Body Shop Luxury Flannel Facial Washcloth – BEST VALUE

This washcloth from The Body Shop helps enhance cleansing, while still being gentle on the skin. It’s also eco-friendly, so you can feel better about using it.

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Image Courtesy of The Body Shop


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