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Weekend Debrief: The 5 Most Popular Style Stories Of The Week

* Best eye creams for men and women
* How to fade acne scars without going to a dermatologist
* An almost-NSFW grooming product you need to read about

We all want to look our best (and look half our age) but results don’t come without a little bit of work. Fortunately, you can get healthier skin these days from the comforts of home, saving you the time, hassle and costs related to seeing a dermatologist or going to a pricey spa.

The trick: look for products that are suited for your particular skin type, and look for products that address specific issues, rather than hoping for an “all-in-one” miracle skin saver. Here are some of the best skin care and beauty hacks we found this week.

1. The Best Anti-Aging Products For Men

Everyone gets older, but with the right anti-aging product, you can get older gracefully by preventing wrinkles, correcting sagging, and delaying signs of age. Most women make good use of anti-aging products, but many guys still won’t use a dedicated skin care regime, or struggle to find the right one. To help out, we rounded up some of the best anti-aging products for gentlemen that you can buy on Amazon.

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The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Anti-Aging Products


2. These 6 Products Moisturize Your Skin In The Shower

Winter winds and temperature dips can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry,chapped, itchy and irritated. Many hydrating body lotions can be thick and greasy, leaving sticky residue on the skin and/or they require extra time to dry. These in-shower lotions incorporate moisturizing right into your shower routine, often combining with water or steam to amplify the product’s hydrating properties. Apply them to your skin after soap or body wash to leave it feeling soft and supple. Choose the brand that best suits your skin, whether it’s extra sensitive, or just needs a light, softly scented coating, and be protected all day long.

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The Best Moisturizers To Use In The Shower


3. Scrub-a-Dub: The Best Loofah and Shower Sponges for Exfoliating Your Skin

While the most relaxing moment of your day may be shower or bath time, sometimes it can feel like you aren’t getting quite as clean as you may want to. The standard application of soap with your hands is often just inadequate. By adding the additional help of a loofah or shower sponge to your bathing routine, you’ll allow your skin to become cleaner, smoother and better exfoliated.

Whether you choose a more traditional loofah, sponge ball or even a shower towel, these items will get your skin feeling great and get you looking as radiant as possible.

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The Best Loofahs and Sponges To Use In The Shower


4. SPY Guide: How To Get Rid of Acne Scars

As if suffering from acne isn’t already stressful and painful enough, some breakouts can leave behind scars, a not-so-pleasant reminder of the blemish that won’t seem to go away. Thankfully, there are a number of creams, oils and patches that not only help to prevent future breakouts, but also help to fade the scars left behind.

Check out five products that could help you finally be rid of acne scars.

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How To Get Rid of Acne Scars


5. This “Nutt Butter” Lotion is (Almost) Exactly What it Sounds Like

This multipurpose lotion isn’t afraid to proclaim its true purpose. “Nutt Butter” is billed as an anti-chafing and “anti-shriveling” lotion that’s supposed to “Tame the Beast.” It offers a mix of smooth, soothing lotion-y qualities along with a hint of eucalyptus that gives your nether regions a tingly sensation. It reduces the dreaded chafing of dry skin and leaves your balls feeling fresh and invigorated. No need to go through life suffering the fragility of masculine dryness and letting one’s sensitive areas shrivel in silence. Not when you can apply this jojoba, aloe and shea lotion and to feel instantly smooth and fresh, with a side of anti-aging too. Because no one wants a prematurely aged sack.

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Here's Why Guys Are Buying Nutt Butter