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Here’s Why People Are Using Beauty Fridges to Store Their Skin Care

* How to chill your skin care
* Extend the shelf life of your products
* Fridge can switch from cooling to warming

While storing beauty and skin care products in your refrigerator is not a new concept, it has been making the rounds on Instagram lately and has even earned itself its own hashtag, “#minifridgeshelfie.” The latest hype surrounding refrigerating your skin care comes in the form of these super cute mini fridges or “thermoelectric systems” as they are technically known.

One of the more popular options on the market is the Cooluli Mini Beauty Refridgerator. This compact and stylish fridge will look great in your bathroom, bedroom or just about anywhere that enables you to access your products easily and instantly. This portable fridge has two shelves, comes in great color options and allows you to easily switch from heating to cooling depending on your needs due to its thermoelectric system.

Since you probably store some of your beauty tools and/or skin care in the kitchen refrigerator already, next to your La Croix and iced coffee, switching them out to their own dedicated beauty fridge should be a fun side project.

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Store your face rollers, ice rollers, serums, creams and even some moisturizers to keep them cool and make them even more effective. In addition, some Vitamin C-based products could also benefit from being placed in a cool area so as to avoid oxidation.

Whether they are totally worth it or completely unnecessary is a personal choice, however, there are definite benefits to refrigerating your products, they make for a great Instagram pic and they are inexpensive enough so that you don’t have to feel too bad when you take the plunge.